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The Story of Us

By Scott Sund - 7/14/2024

Centering in chapter 12 of Revelation, we are invited to enter deeper into the Revelation as we sit with the juxtaposition of victory in the Great War but difficulty in the coming battles. The victory of Christ was earned by the slain lamb and the testimony of God’s people whose faith has helped them overcome. Yet in the end, there is also a predicament: for the Evil One understands time is short and seeks to destroy the faithful ones of Christ. What will be our response?

Behold: The Book of Revelation 2024

Series Date: 6/23/2024

Series Summary: Among all the ways that Revelation has been interpreted, from the very beginning of the book, we’re told that first and foremost this book is about Jesus! Every word, image, and passage reveals Jesus in timeless, transcendent, and transformative ways.As we bring our year-long Rooted series to an end, Behold | The Book of Revelation, calls us to embrace a fresh start in Christ— yielding fruit that blesses all creation as we root ourselves in Scripture and allow it to deepen our connection to God.