East of (Renewed) Eden

By John Wayne Seitzler - 6/18/2023

Revelation 21:1–5 (NKJV)

When sin entered the story, humanity was moved out of Eden, and the land was cursed. We are hearing whispers of a renewed Eden, where heaven will finally meet earth, the curse will be reversed, God will once again dwell with humanity, and the land will be renewed. God is inviting each one of us to take part in this renovating of the land as tailors of hope, clothing the earth in redemption.

Cultivating Faith

Series Date: 5/14/2023 - 6/18/2023

Series Summary: Creation care is one of the core tenets of our Christian witness (Gen 2:15). Genesis 1 gives us a beautiful image of the rich biodiversity of God’s good creation. However, the state of the globe’s quickly deteriorating environment is a far cry from its original state of flourishing, having consequences for people’s well being near and far. This begs the question of us as humans, God’s entrusted stewards of creation, how have we gone astray? -and- how can we recover our critical role as stewards in God’s economy?