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Bethany Wilderness Ministry exists to facilitate transformational encounters with Christ, community, and creation. We seek to provide a diverse array of trip options from day-hikes, backpacking trips, snowshoe trips, car camping trips, urban hikes, and other outdoor excursions.

Bethany Wilderness Ministry was founded in the summer of 2000 and has successfully facilitated outdoor ministry for over 20 years. Whether you are new to Seattle, new to Bethany, or new to the outdoors, we hope you will join us on one or more of our trips as we look to grow in relationship with Christ and others through the context of creation.

Ancient Paths experiences

Registration coming soon for Summer 2022

Connect with Christ and engage with your story through the text of creation and the practice of spiritual disciplines on a fully-guided Ancient Paths Experience. Join one of our generic experiences or select an age or gender-specific trip to connect with others in your demographics. Registration required two-and-a-half months before your trip date to accommodate pre-trip meetings.

Interested in guiding with Ancient Paths? Reach out to Nick Rubesh for more information.

For more information, please visit the Spirit, Soul, Body website.

Questions? Contact John Wayne Seitzler.

Bethany Wilderness Ministry Upcoming Events

Narada Falls to Reflection Lake Snowshoe

January 29, 7am, Meet at Bethany Green Lake, $5, Register
We’re heading down to Mount Rainier to play in the snow! This location is higher (~5000ft) so if there is good snow to be had this is where it will be. The morning will start with a 3-hour road trip to the trailhead. We'll stop at the lake (or on the trail) for a hearty lunch, talk about our last year, what's ahead in our lives for next year, and head back to the cars. Restrooms are available at the trailhead.

The destination is subject to change based on weather, avalanche, and/or road conditions. Whatever happens though, we'll do our best to get you outside!

Climbing Community Group

First and Third Tuesdays, February 1-April 19, 7pm, Vertical World in Ballard, No cost except for climbing pass, Register
Join others for a rock climbing community group at Vertical World Seattle! This group will meet at 7pm on the first and third Tuesdays starting February 1 until the end of April. Vertical World is requiring proof of vaccination and while there is no registration fee, participants are responsible for paying for their own climbing passes. Additionally, it is strongly encouraged that all members of the group be belay certified. If you enjoy climbing and are looking to build community then this group is for you! Questions? Contact Colin Sherrill.

Skyline Lake Snowshoe

February 5, 8am, Meet at Bethany Green Lake, $5, Register
Join us for a steep but short snowshoe in the Stevens Pass area to the beautiful Skyline Lake area. The trail is 3 miles roundtrip with 1100 feet of elevation gain. Despite its relatively short distance, plan for the snowshoe trip to take most of the day due to its distance from Seattle. For more information about the trip contact Tim McBride at

Teanaway Forest Snowshoe

February 12, 7am, Meet at Bethany Green Lake, $5 Register

Join us for an easy snowshoe through the beautiful, pristine, and often less-visited Teanaway Forest! This trail is 4 miles roundtrip with under 500ft of elevation. We're on the other side of the mountains here so our chance for sun is greater! Get outside with us for a great time of community inside of creation. 

Backcountry Ski in Mount Rainier Region    

February 20, 6am, Meet at Bethany Green Lake, $5, Register
Are you new to backcountry skiing and want to expand your knowledge while building fellowship? Come join us for a ski tour around Mount Rainier! The location (Tatoosh / Camp Muir) will depend on the avalanche conditions. All participants must have experience with avalanche rescue and carry beacon/probe/shovel. Avy1 certification is required. Join us after the tour for the 7pm service at Bethany!

Gold Creek Pond Beginner Snowshoe

February 25, 8am, Meet at Bethany Green Lake, $5, Register
Are you looking to have fun in the snow while trying a new snow sport, or an avid snowshoer looking for fellowship? Come join us for a beginner snowshoe around gold creek pond with beautiful views of surrounding cascade mountains! Round trip, we will be traveling one to two miles and gaining minimal ft in elevation. More trail information can be found here. Beginners are welcome and gear can be supplied!

West Granite Mountain Snowshoe

March 19, 6am, Meet at Bethany Green Lake, $5, Register

Love winter hiking/snowshoeing and ready to (plunge)step up your game? 😉 Join us for a beautiful, if challenging, trek to the summit of West Granite Mountain near Snoqualmie Pass.**

The summit of West Granite Mountain—or Tusk O'Granite as it's known to locals—sits just 63 feet below its more famous lookout-clad cousin and provides relatively safe access to some of the best views that Snoqualmie Pass has to offer! It'll be a challenge for sure, but don't let that scare you off if you've got the skills! As always we'll meet at the Green Lake campus and carpool out together. We'll be off-trail and on snow for a good portion of this trip, so self-arrest and ice axe skills are a must for this trip. This is a very difficult snowshoe of about 10 miles with 3700+ ft. of elevation.

Trekking Trips

August 24-28 or September 7-11, Goat Rocks Wilderness, $200, Register below
Embark on a five-day, four-night Trekking Trip into the heart of the Goat Rocks Wilderness through the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and Lily Basin trail. Along the way, you'll see massive wildflower meadows and ancient glaciers. Take a dip in either Goat Lake, Sheep Lake, or one of the many glacial-fed streams. Climb the high mountain passes and ascend Old Snowy Mountain all while taking in 360-degree views of Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, and Mt. St. Helens. 
Enjoy the opportunity to be in community and grow alongside your guides and group through once-a-month meetings** beginning in February, preparing you for a Trekking Trip experience unlike any adventure.
Every group is led through this exciting spiritual and physical expedition by a well-trained two or three-person guide team. Our Trekking Trip guides tailor each trip to the unique dynamics of each group and work hard to ensure your safety as you learn about wilderness travel. Come spend a week in the wilderness with us and experience adventure, challenge, and transformation with your Trekking Trip team. 
*No previous outdoor experience required.
**All pre-trip meetings are mandatory.

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The BWM leader position is unique, requiring an ability to lead groups in the outdoors, lead spiritual formation, and volunteer time and energy to serve with behind-the-scenes ministry logistics. It is also rewarding, with a community of leaders who support each other, hike together, and study together as a bi-weekly small group. For more information about what it means to be a volunteer leader, please check our detailed Leader Description. To apply to be a leader, please complete the Leader Application Form and send it in via email.

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