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Care & Prayer



One of Bethany’s measures of church health is care. We seek to foster a culture of care in all our ministries, be it small groups, community groups, Bible studies, age group ministries and ministry teams. At the same time, we have particular ministries of care that are intended to close the gaps, to practice Christian care in the lives of those who may not have an already-established source of community within the larger congregation.

Deacons Ministry

While Stephen Ministry offers primarily emotional and spiritual care, Deacon Ministries focuses on ministering to Bethany members and regular attenders experiencing hardship in practical ways. Four areas of practical need outline the scope of this effort:

Material Assistance – Financial assistance, personal budget planning and management, and employment coaching.
Care Visitation – Hospitalization and rehab, shut-ins, widows, single moms, and new baby support.
Practical Helps – Household maintenance, transportation, relocation, meals, and childcare support.
Crisis Support – Bereavement, unemployment, extended or terminal illness, domestic violence, separation or divorce, and other emergencies.

If you are experiencing a season of hardship with needs in one or more of the areas described here, we invite you to contact us. We will meet with you, assess your particular concern together, and come alongside you to minister in whatever way may be most helpful.

To hear more about how you can become a Deacon Ministries volunteer, contact

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry provides confidential, one-on-one care to individuals who are experiencing a tough season in their lives. Trained care-givers are available to come alongside both men and women to listen, encourage, support and pray for them as they seek healing and strength while facing particular crises, such as the loss of a loved one, convalescence, separation or divorce, loneliness or discouragement, spiritual concerns, unemployment, terminal or chronic illness, birth or adoption, miscarriage or infertility, relocation, recovery, and life transition.

To communicate a desire to receive the care of a Stephen Minister in your life or to express interest in exploring the possibility of serving as a Stephen Minister, please email us.


At Bethany, we believe in the vital importance of interceding for one another in prayer as an ongoing element of our life together in Christian community.

Online Prayer Meeting

Weekly on Tuesdays, 8-9am

Every Tuesday, we carve out one hour in our schedule to stop and pray for one another, our community and our world. We have a consistent core group of 16-20 folks and encourage you to join us this coming week. Email us on how to join and connect with your church and community.

Sunday Prayer Team

This group of trained prayer ministers is available to confidentially pray with worshipers immediately following each of our services. To learn more about how you can become a member of our Prayer Team, contact Pastor Raoul Perez,