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WE'RE GLAD YOU'RE HERE. On this page you will find resources intended to encourage and equip you. Bethany's hope is for these resources to support you and your families as you cope with COVID-19. You will find inspirational stories of resilience, reflections on scripture, and guidance for anxious times. Please feel free to share any and all of these resources.



In this unique season, how might we use this time to embrace solitude as a transformational spiritual rhythm?

Pastor Megan reminds us of Jesus' promise that He is always with us (Matt. 28:20), and offers practical steps in finding the calm amidst the storm.

When life shifts suddenly how do we hold on to faith? In this video, you’ll hear inspiring stories of Finding Christ in the Crisis.

The Canlis', decided to offer hope, community, and incredible food during the closure of dine-in restaurants in Seattle due to COVID-19.

God's people have always been called to carry Faith, Hope, and Love. Pastor Brad shares practical ways we can reflect these qualities.

Based on his research and analysis, molecular biochemist, Dr. Ben McFarland, shares his scientific insight into COVID-19.

Amidst our fears, The Bible says "perfect love casts out fears." Pastor Jen helps us navigate our fear and anxiety in this season.

Join us in praying for all who have been affected by the COVID-19 Coronavirus, specifically for our Health Care professionals.

Pastor Don guides us through what to say and how to say it when we are with a loved one who is dying.



    Exhaling Habits


    Truth Telling


    Bible Reading

    Exhaling Habits


    Prayer for Others