ROOTED is an invitation to see Christ's redemptive work throughout the entire arc of scripture. Over the course of the year, Bethany will travel from Genesis to Revelation, studying and reading the Bible together as a community.

Rooted Conversations

Come back for weekly conversations about the Bible reading we are doing together and what we can learn from the text.

Week 21: Intro to Lenten Season

Pastor Nathan Seppi introduces us to Lenten Season as we continue through our Rooted readings this week.
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Week 20: Devoted Faith in Difficult Times

Megan Cowell shares some guidance and themes from the last readings form the Old Testament, and helps us to see the devoted faith of the prophets, and the hope they they passed on to a people experiencing difficult and dangerous times.
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Recommended translations include NIV and NASB. Newer to reading the Bible? Check out the Message translation.