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These classifieds are designed to be a helpful resource for those within the Bethany community. With postings for carpooling, housing, jobs, items for sale, and more, there's sure to be something for everyone!

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Classified Postings for Housing Wanted

Looking for room to rent or roommate

Phone: (425) 387-6836
Looking for housing preferably in west seattle for around 1k a month

Looking for room to rent or 2 other roommates

Phone: (206) 940-9477
My name is Brendan, and I am looking for a room to rent in the Seattle area (U District, Fremont, and north to Greenwood). I've been going to Bethany for 14 years, and am currently working and trying to break into the tech industry as a UX Researcher/Designer. I'm clean and value community. Looking for a room to rent between $600-$800/month, or 2 other roommates for a 3 bedroom house at $750 per month per person.

Seeking new roommates/friends/home! :)

Phone: (509) 496-1913
Hi everyone, My name is Brielle. I'm a 24y/o gal who works at a local Christian nonprofit in the Kent area. I moved back to the Seattle area just before the virus hit, and have been staying with extended family while searching for a more permanent housing solution. I can move anytime, once I find the right spot! I would be open to really anywhere in the greater Seattle area, but would appreciate being located close to a relevant highway that could provide a fairly reasonable commute. I need to keep total housing costs under $1000. Additionally, I have a (really cute!) cat that I'd be bringing with me, so here's where you stop reading if you are allergic :) I would love to find a healthy and enriching situation that I can stay in for the foreseeable future (ideally 1+ years). I hope to find a couple other folks to live with who share common interests and values, so we can be friends! I tend to be an open book and an authentic communicator. I am upbeat and chatty, when with those who also enjoy connecting, but I can also be independent. I love long conversations, getting active, and trying random new hobbies. In terms of habits, I am very very clean/tidy, and would hope to find others who would be compatible in that way. Normally, I'm quite busy and am often out and about exploring the area, heading out on weekend trips, and spending time with friends. I'd love to have friends over regularly, but am not the "party type." I'm very committed to my faith and would love to reconnect with a Christian community and attend church regularly. In terms of COVID, I am respectful and careful, and limit activities to essential work duties and activities with just a few close friends. Please reach out if you or someone you know either a) has a place with an open room, or b) would like to apply for a new place together!

In need of a 3 bedroom

Phone: (616) 340-3712
My wife and I are looking for a 3 bedroom rental in Shoreline or somewhere farther north. We're planning to become foster parents within the next six months; we're also trying for a child of our own. I (Alex) work as a carpenter, and my wife Hannah is a therapist with her own private practice. A clean, spacious, reliable space is what we need. We're committed to the Seattle area for the foreseeable future and strongly desire a home wherein we can raise a family.

Wanting Housing with Easy Commute to the Eastside

Phone: (616) 204-8271
My name is Isaiah! I have been living in Seattle now for the last 2 years, having moved from the Midwest. This summer, I am finishing up grad school this summer in clinical mental health counseling and have a counseling line up for the fall in Issaquah with a group practice working with children and families. I have a dog, Aria, who is a labradoodle. When covid was not a thing, I enjoyed catching up with old faces more. I enjoy a myriad of activities: hiking, running, hammocking and reading, writing, movies, drinks with friends, tea and coffee, or simply relaxing around the house! I am looking for a dog friendly housing situation for the fall. My ideal location would have an easy commute to the east side, but still close enough to the city to stay connected with my social circles. A yard would be great, but not having one is not a deal-breaker. Since I have a dog, hair is a thing but I like to try to keep things as clean as possible. I enjoy open communication with those I live with, possibly similar hobbies, and cordiality. I am looking to keep things under $1000 a month. Central District, Bellevue, Factoria Clyde Hill, Kirkland, etc. would all be great! Feel free to call, text, or email me!!