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Sunday Services


If you are new to Bethany Northeast, we know there’s nothing quite like visiting a new church for the first time; there are so many new faces and strange places, and it feels as if you stand out. Please know that you are not alone—we've all been there—and we're better as a community because you're here. Also know that we believe worship is a celebration of grace. In other words, we as a church body want to be a place where you will feel welcome and at ease.

What to Expect on Sundays

Our teaching comes primarily from Bethany Northeast's Lead Pastor Jack Brace, and occasionally from one of Bethany’s other pastors. Worship is led by campus leaders and involves corporate singing, Scripture readings, prayers, stories, art projects, and times of response. Our belief is that worship involves all of each of us (mind, body, and soul), and our goal is to create a dynamic space where we can bring everything we are to the cross of Christ.

Northeast Regathering Update & Congregational Survey

One of the unfortunate consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the year-long disruption to Bethany Northeast's in-person gatherings. Our staff mourns this disruption with you and we look forward with hope towards regathering as a congregation and rediscovering regular rhythms.

Our current plan for returning to weekly indoor worship is October 10, 2021, with monthly outdoor in-person services planned this summer (2nd Sundays, July-Sept).

One of the key determining factors for our return to weekly indoor in-person gatherings is the availability of our worship space. Hear more from Pastor Jack about Bethany Northeast's regathering plan HERE

Service Time

  • In-Person & Online@ 9:30am

Lake City Presbyterian Church

3841 NE 123rd St
Seattle, WA 98125-5755


Parking and Accessibility

Park and enter the building from the East side of the building. Lake City Presbyterian Church is a completely accessible facility, with ramps and an elevator.

What About Kids?

Kids of all ages are invited to join us at any time during the service––we love having them around!

  • For our youngest kids (nursery–pre-K), we have for separate classes available from the moment you arrive. Each class provides a safe environment for them to play, create, and learn while their parents worship.
  • Older kids (K–12th grades) are invited to join their parents in worship before being dismissed to their classes.
  • For more information, please visit our Families page or contact Bethany Northeast.  

Please let us know if there is any way we can be of service to you or your family, or if there are any questions we can answer.