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Neighborhood Groups


One of our goals at Bethany is to enable people to experience a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. While there's a deeply personal element to our faith, we are also called to be part of the body of Christ—the church—as a place to be known, use our gifts, and share Christ with the world.

Parables in pandemic

Join the Bethany Northeast Community as we reflect on the wisdom of Christ's parables in a time of Pandemic.

We are releasing 8 Parable in Pandemic sessions that include short video reflections and guided discussion questions that can enrich our lives as we read God's word. Designed to work in group settings and as devotional material, this series will be available on-demand and is free to use. As we walk through this upcoming Groups material, I hope that we will all be shaped to embody God's character and ethic.

For questions, reach out to Pastor Silas Sham.

Parables in Pandemic Content

Join a Neighborhood Group!

Neighborhood Groups are geographically-based, multigenerational, midsized gatherings (approximately 30 individuals) who exist in Christian community to reach either a particular neighborhood or network of relationships. Each Bethany Northeast neighborhood group attends to the three dimensions of life that Jesus Himself attended to—time with God (worship, prayer, Scripture reading, teaching, giving thanks, etc.), time with the body of believers building a vibrant and caring community, and time with those who don't know Jesus yet.

At their most basic level, our neighborhood groups are attempting to live as extended families on mission, embodying Bethany's wider commitment to local, relational, and contextual community.

Groups are formed in several Northeast neighborhoods. If you're interested in finding out where these groups meet, visiting a group, joining a group or becoming a group leader, please let us know!