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UPDATE! Well, what a strange, challenging time this has been! In the early hours on December 8, 2021- just weeks before we were to host our first worship service, in our very first building in 11 years, the building went up in smoke. We were stunned. We were baffled. We lamented. We cried. However, regardless of our circumstance, God never stopped being who he is- a good, good Father. SO, we are back at it, for now at Shoreline Auditorium. We still need a team to make worship, serving and loving those who walk through the doors, know they are loved and Jesus is their king. SO! Please reach out or sign up to be on our team. It's an adventure, to say the least! We love you and hope to see you at 9:30 in person or online at 8, 9:30 or 11am.

For eleven years now Bethany North has been a mobile church- we launched in 2010, with only a handful of people that has grown much since then! We have met in homes, recreation centers, schools, other locations and now we have our own space to call our own, in Edmonds, WA. For years, many have prayed that we will have our own space- not just for a building, but rather a place to build the Kingdom in our neck of the woods- in the North Region of Greater Seattle. God answered this prayer, in His time and in His way. It has been quite a journey to see where he has continually called us as a community into faith, into trusting Him and His plans for us. Several years ago we redeemed an office space from an old strip club on Aurora and now we are restoring an old Family Fun Center - into a place of worship. Come, you are invited, to experience the wonder of God and worship with us and learn and grow with us in grace. Come you who are weary, who are broken, who are heavy laden. Come you who question Jesus, question His ways and His broken followers. Come to the table that is being spread out, throughout His Kingdom. It is by grace we've been saved and it is truly by grace we can have this place of worship. We invite you- to be a part of this Kingdom building with us. We invite you into partnership with our Team. Team North isn't just a saying around here, it's a way of worship. Come be a part of our Team. God is on the move, join in!

Photos of the Progress and the Team!