Sermon Reflection Questions


Download the Advent 2019 Devotional here!

Sermon Reflection Questions are great to use for your own reflection each week, or bring them to your small group to engage with the content in community.

Embracing God Within Us
John 1:1-14, Isa 52:7-10
Nathan Nelson, Associate Director of Mission and Outreach,  

The Advent of God’s Son Jesus calls us to recognize the presence of God with us and invites us to burst with the joy of God within us.
I. God in Creation
II. God With Humanity
III. God Within You 


1. Where in the world do you see lack of unity present? What about in your own life?
2. Read John 1:1-5. What does this say about the identity of who the Word—Jesus Christ—is?
3. Nathan said that “God is revealed in all and through all.” Where is one place you want to learn to better see God in this season?
4. Read John 1:14. The Message translation of this verse says, “The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood.” How does this change our lives today?
5. What places play a significant role in your life? How do you see God at work in those places in particular?
6. Nathan talked about generosity as “active gratitude.” How could you practice this more this coming week?
7. How have you experienced joy by being together WITH others who are different from you?