Sermon Reflection Questions


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Drawn to the Margins
John 3
Abby Odio, Pastor of College & Career,

In John 3:1-15, these three metaphors help us better understand Nicodemus’ transformation, and simultaneously serve as a guide to our own transformation.

   I. Night

   II. Rebirth
     A. Painful labor
     B. Fully beloved

   III. Wind

1. What is the hardest physical feat you've attempted &/or accomplished? (Has anyone climbed Everest?)

2. The article Abby referred to suggests that Everest has lost its hold on the human imagination and she asks the question whether this is also true of the church & its importance as a place to meet Christ.

   a. What aspects of church facilitate you meeting Christ?
   b. Are there aspects that feel stagnant to you?

3. How would you summarize the 3 metaphors: night, rebirth, & wind?
   night- the place we're confronted by our own questions
   rebirth- the place to sacrifice & let go of the things we use to convince ourselves that we're loved
   wind- as powerful, unpredictable, & sometimes scary

4. Which of these feel easiest to engage with? Which feel hard for you right now? Why?

5. Nicodemus is asked to think less about his own safety, security, & feelings of comfort in order to experience the life of Christ, that's offered on the other side of sacrifice.

   a. Do you have any examples, past or present, of being in this place with Christ?
   b. What did you do & what was the outcome?

6. Abby ends the sermon by telling more of Nicodemus's story (John 7:49-51; 19:38-40) and that because of his process of rebirth & the sacrifices he made he was able to be with Jesus in a more profound way later, specifically at Jesus's burial. Is there something you feel God calling you to sacrifice now in order to be with him more fully in the future?