Bethany Wilderness Ministry is an outdoor adventure program that seeks to build community and foster belief, growth, and maturity in Jesus Christ. We provide challenging small-group wilderness adventures—facilitated by trained and qualified volunteers—where God’s Word can be heard, experienced, and integrated into our daily lives.

We strive to integrate the truths of Christianity with our real-life experiences and to reveal to us the issues in our own lives that must be addressed if we are to experience the complete life that Christ envisions for us. We do this by providing challenging, small group, wilderness adventures, facilitated by trained and qualified staff, through which God’s Word can be heard, experienced, and integrated into one’s daily life.

Wilderness Ministry trips are a great way to meet new people and enjoy the natural beauty of God's creation together, and we hope you'll join us on our next adventure.

Our Values

Out of our desire to encourage belief, growth and maturity in Jesus Christ we are committed to:

      • Tailored Programming: Providing programming of activities and teaching so leaders can tailor the experience to the specific needs of each group.
      • Building Community: Creating small group environments which foster Christian community, teamwork, trust, vulnerability, caring, and deeper personal relationships.
      • Servant Leadership: Developing mature Christian servant-leaders by creating an environment where servant leadership is encouraged and modeled by trip leaders.
      • Stewardship: Modeling and teaching stewardship of God’s creation through proper environmental ethics and personal practice.
      • Discipleship: Fostering discipleship and growth in each participant’s personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the study of God’s Word, prayer, worship, solitude and other spiritual disciplines.
      • Character Development: Promoting self discovery and building of self-esteem through the use of challenging situations with group and individual support, reflection and goal setting.
      • Intentionalized Fun: Providing activities which build play and fun into the dynamics of the group and each trip’s experience.
      • Safety: providing wide margins of safety with all activities, equipment and staffing to ensure the well being of each participant.
      • Excellence: Striving for excellence in all aspects of management, programming and training in order to operate a quality and effective outdoor ministry which gives God the glory for all that is accomplished.
      • Equal Opportunity for Participation: Providing equal opportunity for participants physically able to participate through assistance in all areas including cost.

What Does the Wilderness Ministry do?

Our wilderness leaders guide trips throughout the year, including day hikes and backpacking trips, we also go bicycling, kayaking, climbing, snowshoeing, and skiing. Our trips are more than adventure hikes, they are an opportunity to commune with God and grow in your Christian journey. Current trips are posted online and printed in the weekly Sunday bulletin.


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Serve as a Wilderness Ministry Leader

The BWM leader position is unique, requiring an ability to lead groups in the outdoors, lead spiritual formation, and volunteer time and energy to serve with behind-the-scenes ministry logistics. It is also rewarding, with a community of leaders who support each other, hike together, and study together as a bi-weekly small group. For more information about what it means to be a volunteer leader, please check our detailed Leader Description. To apply to be a leader, please complete the Leader Application Form and send it in via. email.

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