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The act of baptism is a powerful moment in our walk with the Lord. This step of proclaiming your faith and intention to follow Christ for life is a marker that will be of encouragement to you and to many others. If you haven't yet been baptized, it's never too late. Contact Pastor Megan to set up a time to talk about with this means at Bethany and what it means for you. We can't wait to talk to you! 

Thursday Bible Studies

Thursdays, 10am or 7pm, $35, Virtual and in-person options available, Register

As we head into winter and spring, we’re looking forward to creatively and safely connecting with each other while growing in our relationship with the Lord as we continue to study the book of Exodus. Depending on your personal preference, you may attend an online small group or a small group that meets in-person, either on the Bethany campus or in a private home. If you select to meet in person, you will be meeting with your small group only. Due to COVID, we are not planning any large in-person gatherings for the next few months.

If you are planning on attending the Thursday morning study in-person and would like to register kids (0-5 yrs old) for our children's program, you will be able to do so on the second page of this registration.

Our program fee of $35 covers study materials, administrative costs, and a very small portion of the childcare costs for in-person participants on Thursday morning. As a ministry, we are committed to our core values of welcoming hospitality and caring for one another. Sharing the cost of childcare between all of us–regardless of which study we choose to attend–is one way in which we seek to live out these values. You will have the opportunity to voluntarily contribute further towards our childcare costs as you submit your program fee. If you have questions or concerns around this or if you are in need of a scholarship, please reach out to Megan Dobrasz prior to registering.  

Finally, note that for some, this study of Exodus started in October but the study content and participants are set up so that people can join in at any point during the session. We’re really glad to have you jump in.


Membership Class and Membership

Next Class TBD

We're so glad that you're considering membership here at Bethany!! Unlike a gym membership, library card, or Costco membership, membership at Bethany doesn't give people special privileges or bulk discounts on the eternal–though it does allow you to vote for council members and is required for high-level leadership. People who are seeking membership at Bethany are looking to prioritize their involvement within this community; being willing to be invested in and invest in others with time, talents, and other gifts. The church and our community is a better reflection of Christ the more people are involved and using their unique expressions of the Image of God.

The process of membership is thus: When we're meeting in person, the membership process consists of a class where you learn a bit more about Bethany with other folks who are interested in membership. This is followed by an application and a meeting with someone from the pastoral staff to get to know you a bit more, answer any questions, etc. 

During COVID, the process is a little different than normal. After a brief online gathering with a few materials to read ahead of time, if you want to pursue membership, we have an application, followed by a meet-up (either virtual or socially distanced in-person) with someone from the pastoral staff.

Throughout the process if you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to Pastor Megan Dobrasz ( or Olivia Clements (Administrative Assistant, 

Bethany Story Groups

Late February 2022, Apply below

A safe and nurturing space to explore your story and reflect on what has shaped you to become who you are.

Join us for this 10-week small group experience to engage the broken parts of your story, discover God’s redeeming presence in your life and grow in becoming who you are meant to be.

Even as Christians we may struggle to know ourselves loved and accepted by God. Emotional wounds sustained during childhood still impact us: they shape how we relate to God, ourselves, and others, and keep us bound to coping skills and defensive mechanisms that restrict our ability to love and be loved in the way God intended for us.

Bethany Story groups provide the opportunity to engage these stories of hardship in the midst of a caring community and experience acceptance, compassion and kindness in the process. As part of the group process, each participant commits to writing one or two childhood narratives to read to the group, inviting feedback and reflection. In addition, participants will work through one chapter of our Bethany Story Workbook per week. Click here to preview an excerpt from our Story Workbook (chapter 1 of 10).

Groups will meet weekly on Monday nights or Thursday mornings for ten weeks, beginning in February. The program fee is $100. (Partial scholarships are available upon request). If you are interested in applying for a story group, please submit your initial application below. 


Spiritual Journey

Next session August 30-December 14, Registration
If you want to change your life, consider the Spiritual Journey program to bring wholeness and emotional healing to your life. Spiritual Journey offers ways for you to grow emotionally and spiritually. The process of recovery is a journey that takes us from a life of confusion or grief to a place of peace and freedom—one day at a time. Payment covers materials for the class, scholarships are available. 

Myths of Vocation

Coming in 2022, Online

What is your job FOR? Is your job in the right role, or do we expect it to do more–or less–than it’s designed to? Join this one hour class and discussion to talk about the things we expect from our job that it can’t do BUT the incredible things that it CAN.