Small Groups


Small Groups are on Summer break through Labor Day but be sure to check out the Summer Guide to Bethany and all the different ways you can gather with others around the city.

Your Summer Guide to Bethany Green Lake

Your Summer Guide

Small Group Leader Resources

Bethany provides support and guidance to small group Hosts and Facilitators by providing sermon discussion questions, group coaches, and quarterly training sessions. See the latest Small Group Leader Packet for details on what Hosting and Facilitating means, as well as some tips for how to run a group.

Group Leader Toolbox Guide

This guide walks you through using your MyBethany account and all the functions of managing your list of group members.

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Small Group Leader Packet

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Other Resources

Icebreaker Ideas View PDF

Icebreakers are a fun way to remove tension and get a group interacting when people don’t know each other very well. These are fun for any group but are particularly useful for groups that are just starting out.

Prayer Ideas View PDF

Prayer is very important to group life; it will bring you closer to God and to each other. As a facilitator, modeling different types of prayer can help expand the prayer life of the group.

Service Opportunities Serve

One great way to bond is to do some sort of service project together. Whether it’s a one-time activity or something you commit to for a longer period, serving others together will help you learn and grow as a group.