Community Groups


Community Groups

Summer Community Groups run from mid June until Labor Day weekend 

Groups will kick off gathering the week of June 23rd with signup options open now! 

Browse a map of the summer, or check out the list of community groups below:

Your Summer Guide to Bethany

2019 Community Groups

Based around an activity, study, or service, check out the list below for specific group gathering details:   

If you are interested in a community or small group, email Megan Cowell to get connected in the meantime.

Community Group FAQS

How are Community Groups different from Small Groups?

Community Groups are short-term, topically based, and are intended to provide easy ways to get to know more people at Bethany. Small Groups commit to meet for a longer period and are intended to provide deep relationships. Try joining a Community Group in order to meet others you might want to be in a Small Group with.

If I missed the registration period, can I still join a Community Group?

Yes!  Some groups, such as the study groups may fill up or be farther along in their study guide that they won’t be able to accommodate additional people. However, many of the opportunities to connect this summer would be delighted to have you join them. Register to join the group or check out the specific webpage to confirm whether it is possible to join in mid-summer. 

Where do the ideas for Community Groups come from?

These groups are primarily being created out of the passions, interests, hobbies, and needs of our community.

Can I attend more than one group?

Yes! We encourage you not to attend more than two groups at one time, as we’d like you to be able to participate well in the groups you’re part of. Mix it up by trying different groups!