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Building Faith


Building faith  

The vision of Cascading has been to fund the 20•20 Vision of local, contextual ministry by launching new church locations, constructing a new building, and reducing our overall debt. Due to permitting delays and Seattle's construction climate, the costs to build the new Community Life Center have risen by $1.5 million since 2014. Building Faith is our campaign to raise these remaining funds to finish the building. As one church, we're committed to raise these additional funds to finish the building without incurring additional debt. This will free up funds otherwise used for interest to be used for ministry needs.

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Will You Join in Prayer During This Process?

As we begin construction, we remember our hopes and dreams for this new building, and we're excited!  

Pray For The Building Project

  • Thank God for the vital role the CE Building has played in the life of our community.
  • Pray for safety during construction.
  • Ask how God is calling you to participate in the amazing work God is doing and will be doing in this space.
  • Ask how you can serve others, even during construction.
  • Thank God for the new ways the Community Life Center will help us all serve others. Pray for God’s protection and anointing on the building and the future ministry that will happen here.

Pray For The Building Faith Campaign

  • Pray for God's provision of the $1.5 million needed to finish the building.
  • Pray pledges and commitments will be honored with gifts.
  • Pray for all commitments to be fulfilled by December 2017.
  • Pray for God's direction in the hearts of those He's calling to give.
  • Pray for your own role in this campaign. How might God be calling you to give generously?
  • If you're already fulfilling a pledge to Cascading, ask God whether He's calling you to add an additional year to your pledge. 


As we approach Bethany’s 100-year anniversary, we continue to invest in the future as we start construction on the new Community Life Center. Hear about our community’s hopes and dreams for this new building and the ways we specifically feel God calling us to move forward with the project.

Together, we’re creating a safe, ADA-compliant space that allows us to work with organizations in our neighborhood to serve our community. The new building is inspirational, highly functional, and provides new and improved ways to step into the lives of those around us. As a community, we’re setting the stage for ministry for years to come.

Serving Our Community

Holle Tubbs, Director of Children's Ministries, Nick Steinloski, Pastor of Student Ministries, and Jillian Leavitt Vetter, Interim Director of Missions and Community Outreach, share about the ways they each see the new Community Life Center impacting our community and the people this building will serve.

Jill's Story

Jill Going, former Bethany Council Chair,  shares about the decision-making process in choosing to build the new Community Life Center. After weighing options to remodel the old CE Building against options to build something new, the Council was divided on how to proceed.

Building Plans

Download the PDF to take a closer look at the Community Life Center.

The new building will be ADA- and code-compliant, with an elevator and a new kitchen to provide community meals in a safe and effective way. This space will inspire and honor those in need in our community. It will be a dependable space for youth to play, grow, learn to lead, worship, build community, and participate in outreach to the community at large. There will be safe, accessible areas for children to grow in their faith. This is just the beginning. As we step out in faith to build this building, we do so in confidence that God will provide now and in the future.

The Backstory: Cascading

The vision of Cascading has been to fund the 20•20 Vision of local, contextual ministry by launching new campuses, constructing a new building, and reducing our overall debt. Due to permitting delays and Seattle's construction climate, the Community Life Center costs have risen by $1.5 million since 2014. As one church, we’re committed to raise these additional funds without incurring additional debt, freeing up funds otherwise used for interest for ministry needs.



Online giving allows you to view and manage one-time and ongoing gifts to Bethany. If you don't already have a MyBethany account, create one to get started.

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Offering in Services

Use the envelopes in the pews to designate your offering gift to Building Faith and the new Community Life Center.


Bethany Community Church
8023 Green Lake Drive North, Seattle, WA 98103

Questions? Email the Finance Office or call 206.524.9000.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the difference between a pledge and a gift?

• A pledge is a commitment to give, like an IOU. It signifies your promise of the total amount you plan to give to the campaign.
• A gift is a financial transaction. We fulfill pledges through gifts. For example, a monthly gift of $40 would fulfill a total pledge commitment of $680 over the course of 17 months.

2. I want to support Building Faith. Can I just keep giving toward my Cascading pledge? Isn't it all the same?

First of all, thank you for fulfilling your pledge to Cascading! Gifts toward Building Faith need to be specifically designated as such. It's a separate fund targeted specifically for the additional costs for the Community Life Center. Many Cascading donors have chosen to increase or extend their gifts through the end of 2017 and apply those to Building Faith. Please log in and make a new pledge toward Building Faith. Email our Finance Director, Heather Mustonen, if you have questions about this process or where you're at with your commitment to Building Faith.

3. Have I fulfilled my pledge?

Log into MyBethany to view your progress. 

4. What was so bad about the old Christian Education Building? 

The old CE Building had many issues simply from being designed in the 1930s and built in the 1950s. For example, it had issues with code compliance and exit strategies for safety. The new facility will enable us to not only continue ministries to children, teenagers, and young adults but also to expand the effectiveness of our food bank and community meals ministries and provide ADA- and code-compliant accessibility. (While there are no specific plans yet, we are building this facility to meet code requirements as space for a licensed day care or before- and after-school care). Suffice it to say that this facility will continue to be vital space in which lives will be changed for many decades!

5. Why did it take so long to get the permit?

Permitting can take up to a year given the staff, workload, and analytical requirements of the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (formerly DPD—Department of Planning and Development). Bethany’s permit was delayed much longer than this due to some comments about how the new building might exacerbate existing parking problems near the church. There was an appeal to the permit approval on October 1, 2015. Bethany’s motion for summary dismissal of the appeal was based largely on the quality of analysis during the permitting process, and the appeal was granted. The Master Use Permit was issued on January 7, 2016.

6. How does Building Faith fit into Cascading?

Building Faith is a campaign to provide for the funds needed to finish the work of Cascading. Due to permitting delays and the rising cost of construction projects in Seattle, the Community Life Center now costs 25 percent more than it did in late 2013.

7. How did the Community Life Center project go from $4 million to $5.5 million?

The cost of a full building replacement was estimated at $4 million in late 2013. Upgrades to the kitchen and playground (approximately $400,000) were not included at that time. A “furnishings and fixtures” campaign was planned to close the funding gap for that just prior to the building completion. To avoid much higher costs later, some of the kitchen and playground elements have now been added back to the basic construction budget. Aside from these additions, the construction boom in Seattle has consumed contractor capacity and led to markedly higher prices across the board. Total project costs are now 25 percent above original estimates, a growth of almost 1 percent per month. 

8. Could costs rise even higher before building completion?

A 3.5 percent contingency fund is included in the budget and will be used to cover unexpected occurrences once construction begins. Subcontractors will sign agreements confirming their pricing for the duration of the project. In addition, project components such as floor covering and bathroom tile installation and wall painting will be managed by Bethany volunteers to keep costs in line with the budget.

9. What happened to the components of Cascading that were designated for $2 million to debt reduction and $2 million to campus investment?

As of January 31, 2016, $535,000 of Cascading gifts and pledges have been spent on building design, permitting, and preconstruction planning. Another $614,000 has financed the development of new Bethany locations, including the Junction at Bethany North. It’s also provided equipment and staffing for Bethany North, Bethany Ballard, and Bethany Eastside. We are looking at costs and benefits of paying down debt and construction cash flow to maximize our stewardship of funds available. We are still targeting debt reduction.

10. Did we ever reach our original Cascading goal of $8 million?

As of January 31, 2016, total gifts and pledges to Cascading were $7.16 million. The goal of Cascading is to fund 20•20 Vision and to provide $4 million to replace the CE Building at Bethany Green Lake, $2 million to fund new campuses, and another $2 million to reduce our current debt for the Bethany Green Lake Sanctuary.

11. How long will this construction project take?

It is scheduled to be completed by December 2016 and we are on schedule!