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Tip Talk

Date / Time

Friday, May 21, 2021 | 8:00 PM




Ladies, you are invited to a tik-talk-inspired outreach event (yes, you can invite all your friends) where we share tips and tricks for surviving the pandemic and beyond. Friday, May 21 at 8pm on Zoom.

This month we will be focussing on Celebrating Environmental Consciousness and will get to hear stories and words of wisdom from 3 different ladies within our community. Bring along a notepad (if you like taking notes), a glass of your preferred beverage (alcoholic or non) and a friend, to share in this life-giving experience.

This event is open to ALL and will not be RSVP required! Just show up!

Meeting ID:  850 6348 3495
Meeting Link HERE

Reach out to Megan for more details.