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These classifieds are designed to be a helpful resource for those within the Bethany community. With postings for carpooling, housing, jobs, items for sale, and more, there's sure to be something for everyone!

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Classified Postings for Housing Wanted

Looking for a Seattle home

Phone: (206) 414-9216
Hey there! I recently found out I’ve got to move out of my home of four years by the end of the year. I’ve grown to really love living in the area (Maple Leaf/Greenlake) but my landlord is moving into my unit to remodel the rest of the house. If you happen to have that 1 bedroom on Airbnb or a spare income property and looking for a good long term renter, I’m your man. I can probably afford around $1600 (before utilities) on my own, but I would also be fine with a roommate. This market is way more expensive than when I last looked. I’m a 36 year old working professional who has been blessed to live in a home where I had my own office. I mostly work from home for a large videogame studio. Having some space to put a desk outside of my room is key. To potential roommates, I’m a bible-believing Christian first. I cook most of my meals and will likely use up too much fridge space (bonus if I can put an extra fridge in a garage). I have a house full of furniture so you don’t need to really have much, I have acquired too many shelves. I love board games, dungeons and dragons and video games. I spend most of my free time working out, playing video games or D&D or trying to learn a new trade. I’ve had social roommates and ghost roommates who live in their room and happy to accommodate either. I don’t have pets but would love to someday get a small dog or cat, and would be fine if you had one already. I’m looking for a place to call home and would love to be somewhere for another couple of years. Also willing to pay more if there’s an extra small room I can use an office (in a roommate situation). Moving is the worst.

New to Seattle/Looking for Permanent Living Situation

Phone: (931) 787-6568
Hello all! My name is Sawyer. I’m new to Seattle and visited Bethany. I’m looking for a permanent living situation. I am a faithful Christian since my salvation at 9. I am a young bachelor working my dream job now here in Seattle. I would love to be able to find a place I can save money in; as I’m currently paying 1800, which is triple what I’ve ever paid in rent. Because I travel for work and though my schedule is usually M-F 8-5 (it can be all over the place too) I really want my money going towards savings. I don’t really spend a lot of time in my place other than sleep or occasionally cook a meal, which is why I’m looking to not be spending so much money on a bed. I do have a work vehicle and my personally owned truck, so need parking for those. It would be great if someone has a basement apartment, mother-in-law situation, or good roommate situation. Please don’t hesitate to reach out, as I don’t know anyone in Seattle either. If you want to learn more of my personality my Instagram is @sawyer_lake. Thanks!