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These classifieds are designed to be a helpful resource for those within the Bethany community. With postings for carpooling, housing, jobs, items for sale, and more, there's sure to be something for everyone!

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Classified Postings for Housing Wanted


Phone: (920) 843-0016
Hello! I am going to be a student at Seattle U starting in the fall and am looking for housing! I am moving from wisconsin so it’s a big move so finding christian community is super important to me. I’m hoping to leave decently close to the campus or at least within a quick commute (10-15 min drive). i’m not very familiar with the city so i don’t know exactly where good places to live are. I love being in the outdoors and am super excited to explore seattle and the surrounding area! let me know if you think we would be a good fit or want to chat for a bit to see if we could make it work! thanks :)

Small Family Looking for Housing

Phone: (425) 372-9594
Hi there, my name is Logan and my wife, one year old son and I are looking for housing in the Seattle or neighboring city regions. I am the church videographer and it has been a joy working with the Bethany community. My family and I are looking for as small as a one bedroom unit that has a minimum of 750 sq. ft to something bigger. We are open to discussing any rental opportunity out there. We are open to house sitting for a period of time to something longer and more permanent. We do not have any pets and do not smoke. We are a quiet and a very clean family and would be happy to steward your home well! We are able to move in anytime between now and the end of May. Feel free to reach out to me via email at to talk more. Thank you for considering us!

Home Wanted

I am relocating to the Seatte area for a job and with that, I need a place to live. I am a mid 20s female that is kind and caring and willing to help out with any task. I love to cook and bake so there will always be tasty treats to eat. I do have a cat that is well trailed and very loving.

Young Professional Seeks Temporary Housing

Phone: (909) 239-3170
As the post title indicates, I’m a young Christian male looking for somewhere to live from the end of May through September. I’m finishing up a work contract during that time, but my current lease will be up at the end of May, so I’m looking for somewhere to rent until my contract is fulfilled. I am a born-again believer in Christ, and my lifestyle reflects it. I don’t party or do drugs, and try to be courteous and respectful of others’ preferences and wishes. I am posting here in the hopes of finding someone with similar convictions to live with, as I’ve had issues in the past with people bringing drama into my prior living arrangements through making sinful decisions. I have a cat, but she is very laid back and doesn’t shed. Additionally, I am a semi-professional musician, so it would be amazing to live somewhere where I could continue to practice singing, although it wouldn’t be a dealbreaker for me if I had to keep the practice to a minimum. If you have a room you’re looking to rent out during that time frame, I’d love to be in touch, thank you!

Looking for furnished summer sublet by Green Lake

Hey, I'm a young professional woman looking for a room to sublet from mid-June through October. I would love to live with other single ladies who value their faith and community. I have been living overseas for the past 2 years, so I'm excited to connect with my Seattle community as well as make some new friends. I'm really outgoing and active. Most of my favorite people and favorite things to do revolve around Green Lake, so I'm hoping to be close to that area. Interestingly... I haven't visited the western world since the start of Covid, and where I currently live no one believes it exists - should be an interesting transition! Happy to answer any other relevant questions!

Seeking a place to rent in June

Hello! I am seeking a new place to move in June. What I am looking for: I am ideally looking to rent a privately owned residence like a condo, townhouse or house. 2+ bedrooms so I have a spare bedroom to create a home office. I have a 4 year old 30lb labradoodle so must be dog friendly. I am flexible on location and would consider north Seattle down to beacon hill area. My one request is that the neighborhood needs to be relatively safe and walkable since I walk with my dog multiple times a day. I am hoping to pay 1,800 or less but for the right house or utilities and parking included, I may be flexible on rent cost. I would be open to a roommate joining if we found a 3 bedrooms or more so I can have a room for an office. A little bit about me: I’ve attended Bethany for 6 years now, I’m involved in a few volunteering programs and I am actively pursuing gods calling for my life. I enjoy my job, I’ve worked hard in my career but it’s not my identity. I enjoy quality time with people, serving, and spending time in creation or on adventures with my dog. I’m pretty simple. Thanks for reading and I’d love to hear from you if you have a rental coming available in the June time frame.