Community Meal - Green Lake

Through our community meal, we seek to create space where connection can happen between the church and our surrounding neighbors while meeting a practical need. Come enjoy a meal, make a new friend, and just sit with our guests sharing God's love. Families are welcome! Meals are the second and last Mondays of each month, 6–7pm, in the CLC building.

This ministry has four teams who work together to create each meal:

Meal Prep Team
The meal prep team coordinates and prepares creative and nutritious meals, often taking requests from our guests. The meal usually runs from 6-7 pm, and prep starts at 4 pm.

Serving Team
The serving team keeps cares for our neighbors by greeting our guests and serving them food. Members of this team answer questions and act as hosts and minglers once the food is served.

Table Companion
Build community at the meal by sharing a meal with our guests and providing a loving and listening presence.

Cleanup Team
The cleanup team helps keep our space clean by washing dishes, taking down decorations, wiping tables, and cleaning the kitchen. Generally, cleanup finishes around 8pm.