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Missionaries at Bethany

Here at Bethany, we believe in sending people out to make the invisible God visible in our world. These Bethany-supported missionaries serve all over the world, including in our own city. They serve in varied ministries, including administration, youth work, pastoral support, humanitarian outreach, education, Bible translation, construction, media, and evangelism.

Most of the missionaries Bethany supports are featured here. They are dedicated individuals and families who serve God with their skills and talents. Let us introduce you.

For more information, email Associate Director of Mission and Outreach, Nathan Nelson.

Cox, Tom & June

North America Indigenous Ministries

NAIM (North America Indigenous Ministries) exists to glorify God through building the church by making disciples among North American indigenous peoples. They desire to see strong, healthy Native American believers. Tom and June walk among the Lummi people in an effort to share and live out the Gospel. They have served with NAIM on the Lummi Reservation (near Bellingham) since 1995. They are involved in friendship evangelism, discipleship, mentoring, Bible study leadership, prayer ministry, jail ministry, informal counseling, visitation, directing a children’s Bible camp, emergency response to unexpected deaths, and a variety of acts of service.

Praise Reports

  • Praise: For the youth who put their faith in Jesus.
  • Praise: For the return of a Lummi man who was adopted at birth; he's a solid believer who speaks out about Jesus.
  • Praise: For the annual Jesus Quest Bible Camp where the truth about Jesus is taught.

Prayer Requests

  • Prayer: For God to raise up solid, healthy, Native American Christian leaders at Lummi.
  • Prayer: For God’s protection for believers at Lummi, That those involved in the traditional spiritual ways won’t be blinded to their need to be cleansed by Jesus’s blood and guided by the Holy Spirit.

Floths, Francis & Jennifer

Student Ministry with Cru

The vision and mission of Cru at UC Davis and Napa Valley College is summed up by the words "give," "grow," and "go." We hope to give every student an opportunity to hear the gospel—the good news of Jesus’s gift of salvation for those who trust in Him. We want to help every Christian student grow in their faith. And we want to help our students go with the gospel on campus and to the world beyond. We are the local leaders for Cru at Davis and Napa.

Praise Reports

  • Praise: Our Christian students are taking steps of faith to share their faith with friends, roommates, coworkers, and classmates.
  • Praise: God continues to gather nonbelieving students to Himself. We have seen several students pray to receive Christ this year, and seeking students are involved in our movements.
  • Praise: We are reaching more areas of campus despite having smaller numbers this year.

Prayer Requests

  • Prayer: That God would continue to gather students to be involved in Cru. Pray that He would raise up leaders who can run with the mission on campus.
  • Prayer: For students to continue to hear the Gospel and receive the good news.
  • Prayer: For us as we lead. Please pray for wisdom and Spirit-filled leadership. Pray that we would have daily solid, deep, rich times with the Lord and practice being filled with the Spirit throughout the day.

Glass, Alec

The Navigators  |  Alec's Page

Alec leads the Navigators team in Minneapolis–St. Paul that comes alongside people in their twenties to help them know Christ and make Him known. Alec and his team encourage people in four pursuits—Christ, work, mission, and community. Through one-on-one discipleship, Bible studies, missional communities, and large group gatherings for outreach and training, the team equips young adults to make disciples of Christ in the everyday places where God has led them to live, work, and play. Their team is trusting that generations of people will come to know God, walk with Him, and help others to know Him too.

Praise Reports

  • Praise: For leading many friends and family members to partner in the work through prayer, finances, encouragement, etc.
  • Praise: For the small groups that have formed and are helping men and women to encourage each other.
  • Praise: For the staff team and their varied gifts to serve.

Prayer Requests

  • Prayer: For young leaders to emerge and grow in the vision for making disciples in their spheres of influence.
  • Prayer: That the team can grow and collaborate as part of a united effort in Seattle.
  • Prayer: For God to lead others to partner in the ministry and help meet all of the fundraising goals for this year.

Glenney, Gary & Darla

Discipleship and Outreach with The Navigators

The Navigators is an international network of people, 4,600 of whom are staff. Our passion is to help others "know Christ and make Him known." Through small-group Bible studies and life-on-life discipling relationships, we come alongside people and teach them to follow Christ as they study and apply the Word of God to their lives. We train them to pass what they have learned on to others. Gary serves on the Puget Sound Leadership Team to help give direction to 50 Navigator staff members and their ministries. They serve on college campuses and military bases, in neighborhoods and churches, in the inner city, with international students, and with young professionals.

Praise Reports

  • Praise: For the consistent number of nonbelievers who attend our two monthly evangelistic meetings.
  • Praise: For many who have come to Christ and been discipled and trained to pass on what they've learned.
  • Praise: For God's special provision of so many partners backing our ministry in prayer, encouragement, and financial support.

Prayer Requests

  • Prayer: That God would prepare the hearts of the people He intends to impact through our ministry and clearly lead us to those He wants us to help (Col. 4:3–4, 6).
  • Prayer: For our boldness, clarity, and wisdom as we proclaim Christ, and that He would cause many of these people to know Christ and become Christ's ambassadors ( 2 Cor. 5:20).

Hafford, James & Lois

Wycliffe Bible Translators  |  The Haffords' Page

Wycliffe translates the Bible for communities that do not have Scripture into a language they understand. And Bible translation can serve as a crucial component of Jesus's commission to go and make disciples. James and Lois are Bible translators among the Wuvulu people of Papua New Guinea (PNG). In their years of immersive village living, they translated the New Testament and are now working with Wuvulu translators to finish a draft of the Old Testament. In addition to translation, the Haffords' roles in Wycliffe include consulting and teaching linguistics in PNG and at the Canadian Institute of Linguistics.

Praise Reports

  • Praise: We are grateful for the opportunity to translate the Wuvulu Bible.
  • Praise: We praise the Lord for our expanded roles in teaching and consulting.
  • Praise: We are thankful for the Bethany community.

Prayer Requests

  • Prayer: Pray for the Haffords' daily devotional times in the Bible and prayer.
  • Prayer: Pray for God's protection and wisdom for the Wuvulu translation team.
  • Prayer: Pray for the Haffords to thrive in their expanded consulting and teaching roles.

Hawkins, Nathan & Joy


Missiological research reveals that (1) starting new churches is the most effective form of evangelism, and (2) 85 percent of people who make a commitment to Jesus do so between the ages of 4 and 14. Therefore, Stadia helps churches start and supports new churches that intentionally care for children, both in the United States and internationally. Nathan’s ministry with Stadia is serving as a catalyst for partners—pastors, churches, and fellow ministry leaders. He also helps develop and nurture new churches and church-planting teams, networks,and movements. He travels extensively and is dedicated to building bridges across cultural and denominational divides for the sake of the Gospel.

Praise Reports

  • Praise: 52 new churches were launched, and over 4,000 children were sponsored in 2015.

Prayer Requests

  • Prayer: For health and protection for our family, especially as Nathan travels.
  • Prayer: Unity in the body of Christ for the sake of collaboration in church planting.

Hensley, Renee

Cru  |  Renee's Page

Renee is a conference and events specialist for the Red River Region of Cru, encompassing the states of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. She creates conferences and events that help meet the spiritual and practical needs of the region in order to see the Great Commission fulfilled in this generation. Events and conferences occur throughout the year and include large conferences of over 1,000 students and smaller retreats to refresh and encourage campus staff, as well as trainings for students preparing for missions.

Praise Reports

  • Praise: God really met our regional staff as we engaged in discussions related to diversity in the ministry and reaching every student (we're often more prone to reach students similar to ourselves or our culture). God is growing our relationships with our ethnic minority brothers and sisters to press into ethnic diversity challenges.
  • Praise: For a great winter conference in 2016 around understanding the Spirit-filled life, incorporating different types of worship that are contextualized to different cultures.

Prayer Requests

  • Prayer: Pray for us to continue to move forward in growing our skills and understanding to craft conferences that incorporate students from varied backgrounds while also improving the quality and systems set up to execute conferences with excellence.
  • Prayer: Pray we continue to grow more dependent on the Lord to move in powerful ways.

Henson, Bonnie

Wycliff Bible Translators  |  Bonnie's Page

After years of working in French-speaking Africa and then teaching full-time in a Wycliffe training program, Bonnie is currently working as an instructional design consultant for SIL (Wycliffe’s main implementation partner). She guides instructors and training programs around the world as they seek to transfer their courses from face-to-face to online, in order to better serve colleagues who find that finances, family commitments, and work responsibilities impede travel to training locations. She is also helping to develop new training courses that will better prepare new members for the current paradigms of Bible translation and language development work.

Praise Reports

  • Praise: For encouraging feedback on the courses and curriculum packets that I have helped create.
  • Praise: That I am able to make a global impact while living close to my family.

Prayer Requests

  • Prayer: For wisdom as I continue to try to set up healthy work-life rhythms.
  • Prayer: For creativity, inspiration, and discernment as I create training materials for a variety of contexts and student levels.
  • Prayer: For ever-deepening connections to the Bethany community and other local friends and family.

Ingle, Greg

Youth Wise

Youth Wise provides one-on-one adult youth mentors to children and youth ages 8 to 18. Each mentoring match meets once a week for a year, doing activities of their choice in the community. Throughout the mentoring match year, our mentors receive ongoing mentor training and meet monthly with their mentoring coaches. Greg is the founder and executive director of Youth Wise. He is responsible for implementing the organization’s mission and policies, hiring and training personnel, and making provision for its financial health.

Praise Reports

  • Praise: Praise God for His faithful guidance during the design phase of the mentoring program.
  • Praise: Praise God for the youth and adults who are now participating in mentoring.
  • Praise: Praise God for how He has always faithfully provided for us.

Prayer Requests

  • Prayer: Pray that the Lord of the harvest will send workers (mentors and mentoring coaches) into this harvest field (children and youth).
  • Prayer: Pray for the lost—the thousands of children and youth in Washington State who desperately need a mentor in their lives.
  • Prayer: Pray that the Spirit will move in our staff and volunteers with His power, wisdom, and love.



Kim serves with Frontiers, a church-planting organization in the Muslim world. She spent a year in Arizona working with Muslim refugees from Iraq and Afghanistan before spending two years on a church-planting team in the Middle East. Kim mentors, assesses, and trains singles and families to be Godly and effective missionaries. Over the past ten years, Kim has worked with and sent several hundred long-term missionaries to some of the least-reached and most challenging places in the Muslim world.

Praise Reports

  • Praise: That more Muslims are coming to Christ now than in the rest of history combined.
  • Praise: That not only individuals but families and communities are accepting Jesus, sending out their own missionaries to surrounding areas.

Prayer Requests

  • Prayer: That the new believers stand strong in the midst of persecution.
  • Prayer: That thousands of Muslims would hear the truth through dreams, visions, and miracles.

Krabill, Judi

Women’s Enterprises International

Women’s Enterprises International (WEI) partners with women, empowering them to use their God-given abilities to meet the most pressing needs in their families and communities.  Through a process that helps them see their inherent worth and dignity as women created in the image of God, they're equipped to foster long-term sustainable change. Providing training, leadership coaching, and financial incentives, WEI supports them to define and accomplish projects they initiate. They face great challenges, including access to clean water, food security, and education for their children. As WEI’s finance manager, I am blessed to provide accurate records, reports, and direction.

Praise Reports

  • Praise: Thousands of women in Kenya and North Sumatra, Indonesia, now have hope for a better life through clean water, education for their children, and capacity to earn income to support their families.
  • Praise: Women have experienced God’s direct and immediate love and are spilling over with excitement to share it with others.

Prayer Requests

  • Prayer: For WEI leadership in the United States and overseas, that God would guide us, and we would listen and obey.
  • Prayer: For protection for the women WEI serves, especially in Kenya as they face hardships from dirty water, men with dishonorable intentions, and marauding elephants.
  • Prayer: That Christ would become real and tangible to all the women.

Lauckners, Kirk & Amy

The Navigators  |  The Lauckners' Page

Kirk and Amy serve with The Navigators as the Nav20s city directors in Seattle. They have the joy of helping leaders discover their unique callings in life as they follow the ways of Jesus. It is the passion of the Nav20s to see men and women in their 20s thrive in Christ and engage effectively with peers right where God has planted them—where they live, work, and play.

Praise Reports

  • Praise: For friendships that are developing in their West Seattle neighborhood. The Lauckners continue to be encouraged by new neighbors who are praying, meeting other neighbors, throwing parties, and dreaming together about what God may be up to.
  • Praise: For the new people God continues to bring into their lives and ministry as a result of job transfers to the Seattle area.
  • Praise: For the joy and delight of the gift of each new day!

Prayer Requests

  • Prayer: That the Lauckners will be able to create gatherings that will lead to groups that help people pursue God together.
  • Prayer: For the Nav20s staff team that the Lauckners lead.
  • Prayer: For new generation leaders (Ps. 71). That their hearts continue to grow for the one who has strayed.
  • Prayer: For creative gathering events.


Southeast Asia

Lauren lives and works in Southeast Asia as a linguistic translation worker. She coaches locals through the process of translating the Bible into their own language, and she coordinates the project for efficiency. Their group also produces Bible-based stories, songs, videos, and other products in the local language. Despite millions of speakers, the language is still just one of many related languages in the region that have no Scripture in their own language. This is the local people’s first encounter with the Gospel in their mother tongue.

*Not her real name.

Praise Reports

  • Praise: For Lauren's relatively smooth adjustment in moving to the area in mid-2014.
  • Praise: 2015 saw an incredible amount of progress in the project, despite major challenges.
  • Praise: After nearly ten years of laborious “soil preparation” by her teammates, the work of Bible translation is now finally in full swing.

Prayer Requests

  • Prayer: Pray for an end to the agricultural burning and deforestation practices that cause annual smoke disasters, resulting in the sickness and death of many and the evacuation of Lauren and her teammates.
  • Prayer: Pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance in every step of the translation process.
  • Prayer: Pray for spiritual protection for Lauren and release for the people. The enemy has a strong hold on this area, and he will not relinquish it lightly.

Nicholson, Brett & Angela

Engineering Ministries International (EMI) exists to provide engineering, architecture, and construction management services to Christian partners serving around the globe. EMI focuses on designing facilities for Christian non-profit organizations that share God's love and spread the gospel. Their mission is to develop people, design structures, and construct facilities which serve communities and the Church. Brett and Angela are working with EMI in Uganda where Brett serves as a Construction Project Manager on school, hospital, and clinic projects in East Africa.

Praise Reports

  • Praise: For quick processing and approval of Angela's Ugandan nursing license, For a smooth transition to living in Kampala, Uganda

Prayer Requests

  • Prayer: For Angela to find a position at a clinic or hospital where she can use her nursing experience to serve and care for cancer patients

Parlett, Duncan & Kerrie

Student Ministry with Cru

The Parletts have been serving with Cru in a variety of positions for 25 years. At present, Duncan is part of the Pacific Southwest Regional Design Team. Kerrie works for an inner-city organization called Lift Up America and for an online discipleship ministry called Global Media Outreach

Praise Reports

  • Praise: Ministry: For recruiting, praise God that He has allowed us to start new campus teams and increase the size of many of our regional and campus teams. (Our region includes all the campuses in Arizona, California, and Hawaii).
  • Praise: Ministry: For policy changes, praise God that the Christian movements (including Cru) that were banned at California State campuses (due to policy changes concerning club rules) have all been reinstated.
  • Praise: Personal: For Duncan and Kerrie's 25th anniversary in May.
  • Praise: Personal: For their daughter, Chelsea, graduating from UCSD with honors and getting her first postcollege job managing a psych lab at UC Irvine.

Pepsny, Keith & Kate

The Navigators  |  The Pepsnys' Page

Our passion is to help others know God, make Him known, and help others do the same. We love doing this through life-on-life discipleship, exploring the Bible and the great news of Jesus, and interacting with God together in prayer. This often happens in a fraternity or sorority, at the gym, over a cup of coffee, in a small-group Bible study, or at a weekend retreat. In short, we are striving to help people, specifically students at the University of Washington, have simple contagious faith in God through life, Word, and prayer.

Praise Reports

  • Praise: For an unusual openness to the Gospel in five fraternities and three sororities.
  • Praise: For about 20 student influencers who want to make God and His good news known throughout the UW Greek community.
  • Praise: For a great staff team. They have been a major encouragement to students and us!

Prayer Requests

  • Prayer: For wisdom for Keith and Kate in not only leading the campus work but also in their family. Jackson is 8, Mya is 6, and Anna is 3.
  • Prayer: That God would open up new doors in several other fraternities, sororities, and networks.
  • Prayer: That we would structure the UW ministry in a way that’s relevant, sustainable, and focused on God.

Smith, Harriet

Prayer Ministry with Bridges International  |  Reaching Internationals

Bridges International is the international student ministry of Cru. It is a student organization that seeks to help international students through service activities, social networking, and spiritual resources. There are currently 1.3 million international students and scholars in the United States. The nations have indeed come to us. However, an estimated 80 percent never set foot in an American home. We seek to change that percentage. I am the national prayer coordinator and shepherd in prayer the nearly 325 staff members with the help of five regional prayer coordinators. I also write a weekly prayer bulletin that goes out to over 2,700 people.

Praise Reports

  • Praise: For the growing number of Bridges staff members as well as student-led movements among internationals where we don’t have staff.
  • Praise: For how God is moving among the Spanish-speaking people where Harriet lives, and the role she is able to play in that.
  • Praise: For 45 years of missionary service.

Prayer Requests

  • Prayer: For stamina as Harriet gets older; that she will remember to slow down and know when to say no to some things.
  • Prayer: For wisdom in writing a weekly prayer bulletin that is sent to over 2,700 prayer warriors.
  • Prayer: For wisdom in recruiting other Bridges staff to help shepherd the nearly 325 Bridges staff in prayer.

V. Family

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Stevan and Angela serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators to facilitate making God's Word available to the Bible-less people of West Asia. Specifically, Stevan serves the language projects as a language technology consultant, supporting and training translators in linguistic and Bible-translation software. He also spends part of his time networking with local believers and individuals interested in the development of their language, adding to the handful of books and materials that have been translated into their mother tongue. Angela has been investing in local relationships with women and is joining relief efforts for the thousands of refugees coming into their city.

Praise Reports

  • Praise: For being able to help meet practical needs for the thousands of Syrian and Iraqi refugees settling into our city.
  • Praise: For local believers who are beginning to invest in translating Scripture into their heart languages.

Prayer Requests

  • Prayer: This summer marked the beginning of a season of great upheaval in West Asia. Please pray for peace in our region, especially for the conflict arising out of bordering nations.
  • Prayer: For our children to thrive both spiritually and educationally as they grow up in another culture.