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Bethany Stories


At Bethany, we recognize that each volunteer, attender, pastor, and participant in our community has a special story that can inspire and touch people in diverse ways. As we work toward becoming a healthy body—one focused on sharing the message and mission of Christ with our community—we hope to help make the invisible God visible through sharing the unique stories and experiences that shape us, both individually and collectively. As you read the stories of these amazing individuals in our community, be encouraged! God is working here, transforming lives and spilling mercy, justice, and hope throughout our city and around the world.

Centennial Stories: Jim McClurg

Jim started attending Bethany as a college student in the 1960s. He's seen God's provision through a variety of lenses as a volunteer and on staff.

Centennial Stories: Bob Niskanen

Bob would prefer we stop talking about the process of hiring Pastor Richard in the 1990s, but the story of God's provision and timing is too good!

Centennial Stories: Ken & Irene Edgar

Ken and Irene have served as missionaries all over the world. They've called Bethany "home" for more than 40 years.

Centennial Stories: Marilyn Martinsen

Marilyn's quick to describe herself as the longest-attending member of Bethany Community Church, but not necessarily the oldest.

Jennifer & Tobin's Story

Tom's Story

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Seeing the desire these people have for intentionality, honesty, vulnerability, and most of all, to know Christ more and to see Him at work in our midst has been a huge blessing and encouragement. 

-Kristi Brockerman

Kristi's Story

"Starting from scratch in a new place after living in a close-knit Christian community for three years was a daunting prospect. But right from the get-go, I knew that Bethany was a place that I wanted to be able to call home. It was almost overwhelming at first to think about all of the opportunities to get involved and ways to get connected at Bethany (which is actually a really great thing!). After pondering and deliberating for a while as to what the right thing for me was, I realized you've just got to start somewhere. So I signed up for some community groups and started serving on the usher/greeter Team. Slowly but surely, I began meeting more people, seeing more familiar faces around, and actually began to feel connected in the church body. It was a great experience to see that as I invested time and energy in serving and building relationships, Bethany really began to feel more and more like home. 

"About six months after starting to attend Bethany, I found out about the prayer team and felt God stirring my heart to find out more about it. I've been serving on the prayer team for about a year now, and it has been such a blessing in my life! Serving and finding creative ways of doing life together with the people that I've met through the prayer team has added richness and depth to my life. Seeing the desire these people have for intentionality, honesty, vulnerability, and most of all, to know Christ more and to see Him at work in our midst has been a huge blessing and encouragement. I am continually amazed to see and experience the unique and beautiful ways God is at work through His people here at Bethany who are seeking to live out their lives as His hands and feet to each other and to the world."

Becky's Story

"I love being a part of Bethany Community Church. Being a part of BCC has shown me what it looks like and feels like to truly be a part of the body of Christ. I have been encouraged to do my part and to be who God has made me to be and have been so blessed by those around me who are doing the same. I am learning the blessing of interdependency, learning both how to give and offer the gifts I have been given, and also learning to receive from those around me. I am continually challenged at Bethany to grow, to take the next step, to learn how to grow in my love for God and my love for His people. It is an honor to be in fellowship with this community, and I thank God for this good gift.

"I am currently serving as the coordinator for the postservice prayer teams at Bethany. I have had the privilege of serving in this role for over a year now. I have been so blessed by each and every member of the prayer team and the opportunity to serve alongside such faithful, compassionate, and caring individuals. Being involved in this ministry at BCC has caused me to feel more connected than I ever had in the previous six years I attended Bethany. It has brought me into fellowship with people of different ages and stages of life, I have found like-minded and like-hearted friends, and it has pushed me out of my comfort zone and into using my gifts to serve our community in a way that is very close to my heart."