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How do I manage my recurring gift?

Recurring gifts can be managed through your Pushpay account. You can login here.  

Is online giving secure? 

Yes, all account information you enter is secure. Our payment provider is level 1 PCI compliant and meets the highest standards of security set by the Payment Card Industry. Once a transaction has been submitted, only the last four digits of your account number are retained; at no point is your full account information visible again.

Are there any hidden charges or fees? 

No, not for you. But there are charges for the church. The church pays a percentage fee per transaction for credit and debit cards. Bank account donation (ACH) cost the church less, allowing your gift to have the greatest impact. With either gift though, the dollar amount that you give will be recognized as your donation.

Can I designate my gift to a specific department or ministry? 

All of Bethany’s departments and ministries are supported by the general fund. Every dollar given to our general fund is used to support the overall mission of the church.

Where does the money I give to Bethany go? 

For a detailed breakdown of how Bethany stewards finances, please email us.

When is the contribution charged to my checking account or debit card? 

Transactions usually take two to three business days, so contributions scheduled on Friday through Sunday may not show up on your account until early the following week.

Can I give via credit card? 

Yes, however, the church leadership wants to remind donors that giving to the church should be done thoughtfully. Please note that bank fees associated with credit cards are higher than other methods (debit cards or ACH), which reduces the amount received by the church. Bethany encourages givers who struggle to manage credit card debt to offer their tithes and offerings by other means.

I have more questions. Who can I talk to?

Nicole Summervill is our Finance Director and she's happy to answer any questions you might have. She can be reached at 206.524.9000, or by emailing

Email Finance