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Ministry of Racial Justice and Reconciliation (MRJR) Stakeholder Groups

  • Location Teams: each BCC location has a group of people who meet regularly to provide resources, facilitate engagement opportunities, and establish initiatives for racial justice and reconciliation specific to their context.
  • Advisory Council: leaders from each Location Team meet bi-monthly to collaborate, share resources, and develop plans for MRJR at BCC as a whole and at each location specifically.
  • Advisory Council Leadership Team: Teylar Greer (Associate Director of MRJR), Shonnie Scott (Green Lake MRJR Location Team), Jonathan Nolasco (Associate Director of Missions and Outreach), and Scott Sund (BCC Senior Lead Pastor and BCC North Lead Pastor) meet bi-monthly to plan Advisory Council agenda.
  • Strategic Planning Team: volunteers from the Advisory Council formed a working group to compile Advisory Council input for the creation of MRJR's Strategic Plan and they continue to work on updates, clarification of objectives and milestones, and recommendations for next steps.

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