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Self Care 101

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The Carter Home (West Seattle)


Have you joyfully embraced your role as a mom, yet struggle to know what your identity is beyond motherhood? Or perhaps you've found your call for this season, but between work, family and community you're stretched thin? Many of us are drawn to the idea of self-care, yet feel blocked from making time for ourselves to be poured into.

The good news is this: we have a Good Shepherd who cares for us. When we follow Him, he leads us besides quiet waters, makes us lie down in green pastures, and restores our soul. Being cared for by God is PART of our walk with Him. When we connect to who He's made us to be and to what brings us joy, not only are we filled up for the journey, but God uses us to change the world.

Self Care 101 is a workshop for moms. You'll explore your personal definition of self care, get space to dream about what you'd do with time to yourself every week, and walk away with 3 strategies to make more time for God to care for you. Through stories, reflection and sharing, you will get the space to identify what brings you life, what prevents you from making time for it, and the first steps you can take in the next week to be cared for by God.