Who are we?

We are teachers and students, leaders and learners, artists and musicians, mountain climbers and trail blazers, prayer warriors and shuttle drivers. We are a diverse group of individuals and families called together to worship and fellowship in community, whose primary aim is to give expression to the hope found in Christ and to share that hope with the world.

Governing Council

At the helm of Bethany Community Church is an 8- to 11-member Governing Council nominated and elected each year by the church membership. These dedicated, experienced leaders direct the mission of Bethany and seek to discern God’s vision for our community.



Working behind the scenes at Bethany are hundreds upon hundreds of invaluable volunteers. We could not function as a church body without them. Find out more about serving at Bethany.


Bethany Community Church is supported by hundreds of members, individuals who have attended Bethany for a while, who call Bethany their home Church, and who have committed publicly to the Bethany Membership Covenant. They support the church body in countless ways through service, leadership, and prayer. We emphasize membership because real community is the fruit of commitment, service, and accountability. Find out more about becoming a member.


Pastors & Ministry Directors:

Richard Dahlstrom, Senior Pastor

Phil Maulding, Pastor of Congregational Life and Marriage Ministry

Ruth Seidel, Director of Women's Ministries

Holle Tubbs, Director of Children's Ministries

Jillian Leavitt, Local Outreach Coordinator


Pastors & Directors Beyond Green Lake:

Scott Sund, Bethany North Campus Pastor

Bill Brammer, Executive Director Multisite

Joe Springer, Sr. Associate Pastor

Elli Oswald, Director of Missions and Outreach

Megan Dobrasz, Pastor of College and Career

Nancy Eckardt, Pastor of Spiritual Formation and Groups

Pat Collins, Choral Director




Shonnie Scott, Bethany West Seattle Pastor

Brad Thayer, Campus Pastor

Don Riggs, Pastor of Care

Nick Steinloski, Pastor of Student Ministries

Eric Henderson, Worship Director

Andrew Platter, Associate Worship Director




Jack Brace, Bethany Northeast Pastor



Team Awesome:

Administrative Team

Mckenzie Monroe, Office Manager
Vanja Terrill, Pastoral Assistant
Maggie Baxter, Pastoral Assistant
Rachael Pursley, Pastoral Assistant
Amanda Burnett, Pastoral Assistant
Rachel Scheffer, Guest Services Coordinator
Jessica Martin, Pastoral Assistant


Children's Ministries 

Janey Cullison, Nursery Coordinator
Katie Walker
, Associate Director of Children's Ministries
Melanie Terry, Associate Director of Children's Ministries


Creative Team

Sarah Buehler, Communications Director
Ben Becker, Videographer
Peter Orr, Designer
Allison Jackson, Web Editor/Designer


Jim McClurg, Executive Director
Heather Mustonen, Accounting Manager
Leigh Tucker, Accounting Assistant


Faith Wimberley, Volunteer Coordinator
Bart Brueck, Technical Director
Paul Gorham, Facilities Manager