Sundays at Bethany

If you are new to Bethany, we know there’s nothing quite like visiting a new church for the first time; the new faces, strange places, and that feeling that you stand out. But know that...

ONE, you’re not alone—we have all been there, and we’re better as a community because you’re here. And TWO, we as a church body want to be a place where you feel welcome and at ease. If there's anything that we can do to help you feel at home, please let us know.

There is so much that happens throughout the week, but our main worship services all take place on Sundays. We have several different service times and five different locations in the greater Seattle area, but each service will contain the same components: worship, Bible reading and teaching, and children’s ministries. If you do visit, please stop by the information desk in the foyer, we would love to meet you in person! 


Children's locations

Bethany Choirs

Worship at Bethany

Ride the Shuttle

Teaching at Bethany

Deaf Ministry