Next Steps from the Spiritual Life Assessment

Much like a tree, when it comes to pursuing health in a church community, it’s what happens beneath the surface that matters most. Our hope at Bethany is to continually pursue these four ways to stay rooted in Christ as we move forward: formation, leadership, mission, and care. The following are suggested resources to help you cultivate mission in your life.


Making the invisible God visible in our community and around the world by embodying the reign of Christ in word and deed.

Next Steps:

  • Invite a neighbor over for dinner or throw a neighborhood BBQ.
  • Smile and say hello to people as you pass them on the streets, or invite them to lunch or coffee.
  • Volunteer with Tabitha Ministries:
    • Stay overnight at the Shelter.
    • Come to a Bethany Community meal.
    • Help the Mobile Medical Clinic get started.
  • Volunteer at the Aurora Commons.
    • Take a Prayer Walk with the Aurora Commons.
  • Volunteer at a local organization or school that meets your experience or interests.
  • Bring together a group of trusted Christian friends to discuss justice issues as they relate to recent ballot issues and candidates.
  • Find and commit to a place of ministry at Bethany where you can “try on” new roles as a volunteer. Ask a pastor to meet with you and help you find a place of ministry or look through the many volunteer opportunities listed in this season's Connect Catalog.
  • Sign up to receive the monthly Spilling Hope 365 enewsletter.