Next Steps from the Spiritual Life Assessment

Much like a tree, when it comes to pursuing health in a church community, it’s what happens beneath the surface that matters most. Our hope at Bethany is to continually pursue these four ways to stay rooted in Christ as we move forward: formation, leadership, mission, and care. The following are suggested resources to help you cultivate aspects of care.


Carrying out the one another commands as we love, encourage, and support each other spiritually, emotionally, physically, and materially as the incarnational body of Christ.


Next Steps:

  • Practice Examen, where you review your day before going to sleep, and invite God to show you where He was present during the day, and how you responded. Jot down what comes to mind. Further information.
  • Consider joining the Sunday Prayer Team. Contact Prayer Team Leader Becky Weinz for more information and the date of the next team training.
  • Consider becoming a Stephen Minister. For more information, contact Don Riggs.
  • Do an act of kindness this week.
  • Ask someone if you can pray for them this week.
  • Explore a mentoring relationship, either as a mentor or mentee. Men, Women