Here at Bethany we believe in sending people out to make the invisible God visible in our world. They serve all over the world, including in our own city, in varied ministries including administration, youth work, pastoral support, humanitarian outreach, education, Bible translation, construction, media, and evangelism.


Missionary Profiles:

Featured below are a number of the missionaries that Bethany currently supports; dedicated individuals and families that are serving God both here in Seattle and all around the world. Let us introduce you to...

Parlett Family



Glenney Family

Judi Krabill

Marissa Griffith

Pepsny Family


Timmy and Kristi Dahlstrom


Harriet Smith

Harrison Family

Renee Hensley

Ryan Baxter

Alec Glass

Bonnie Henson

Alison Bray

Greg Ingle

Froth Family

V. Family

the Martens

Peter Drennan

To apply to be a Bethany-supported missionary, email Jillian Leavitt Vetter.