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At Bethany, we recognize that each volunteer, attender, pastor, and participant in our community has a special story that can inspire and touch people in diverse ways. As we work toward becoming a healthy body—one focused on sharing the message and mission of Christ with our community—we hope to help make the invisible God visible through sharing the unique stories and experiences that shape us, both individually and collectively. As you read the stories of these amazing individuals in our community, be encouraged! God is working here, transforming lives and spilling mercy, justice, and hope throughout our city and around the world. 

These first three stories are from Cascading, a new chapter in Bethany’s story. It's a plan to resource 20•20 Vision, providing the funds needed to launch local campuses, raise up new leaders, and become the embodiment of Christ in new neighborhoods. The name Cascading comes from John 7: “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. He who believes in me…from his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.” As Christ is our source, we are called in turn to be a source of Christ’s blessing to our city and region. As part of this journey, we've had the opportunity to hear from several members of our community who have experienced God's transformation in their lives. Hear their stories here:  

Cascading Story 3

Cascading Story: Priorities

The Colemans share their story of how God's priorities have become their priorities.



Cascading Story 1

Cascading Story: Transformation

Kelsey shares her story of transformation from anxiety to a place of healing.




Cascading Story 2

Cascading Story: Provision

Kirk and Amy share their story of God's provision.




More Stories

If you know someone in our community, yourself included, who would be willing to share a bit of his or her unique transformational story to encourage and uplift our church body, please let us know.

Kristi's Story

Featured Story: Kristi Brockerman

"I moved back to Seattle in May of 2011 after working at a Torchbearers Bible School in Germany for three years. I found out about Bethany Community Church from Richard, who teaches at the school where I was working. Being from the greater Seattle area, I was curious about Bethany and was always encouraged by the things Richard would share about his church when he was visiting. While I was living in Germany, I would often listen to Bethany's podcasts, and when I made the move back to Seattle, I knew that I wanted to get involved at Bethany." Read more of Kristi's story.

Becky's story

Jeanna's Story

Marren's story

Michelle's story

Annette's story

Kyara's story

Eddie's Story