Groups at Bethany Green Lake reflect the intention that we were created for relationship with God and one another. We believe that part of being made in the image of God is the need for community. Groups are for ages 18-100+ and exist as a means to live in fellowship and further relationships with God and others as followers of Christ. Community and relationships are strengthened and developed with others by experiencing life together--through sharing a meal, serving one another, and enjoying the beauty of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. We deepen our relationship with God and each other as we study the Scriptures and pray for each other. 

Bethany Green Lake provides multiple opportunities to join in fellowship:  Small Groups are communities focused on sharing life with each other through fellowship, prayer, and Bible study focused around sermon discussion. Small Groups run throughout the academic school year and wrapped up the week of May 20th. Signups for the 2018-2019 academic year will be posted later this summer to begin in October 2018.

Additionally, Bethany Green Lake provides opportunities for relationship and spiritual growth through Summer Community Groups. Community Groups are an informal but impactful way to meet others who attend Bethany. Running 8 to 10 weeks, Community Groups are centered around an activity, study, or service, and are offered during the summer.

Lastly, check out the Summer Guide to Bethany for all opportunities to connect and serve throughout the summer here and around BCC Green Lake!