Sermon Reflection Questions


Sermon Reflection Questions are great to use for your own reflection each week, or bring them to your small group to engage with the content in community.

· Who are the heroes in your life? Why are they your heroes?
· What women do you admire and why? How have they inspired you to greater things?
· When have you experienced women in leadership over both women and men?
· What messages have you heard over the years about the leadership of women in the church? In secular contexts?
· Where have you seen servant-leadership at work?
· How easy is it for you to serve through leading? To lead through serving?
· Where do you see Jesus exemplifying servant-leadership?
· What are the barriers to leading this way?
· When have you been encouraged by the courage of another?
· What are the spiritual enemies that you need to drive a peg through? Who are the people who are walking with you to overcome this?
· How do you give God the glory for the accomplishments you have enjoyed? What makes it difficult for you to do this?
· Read Judges 5. What emotions are stirred up within you?
· How are you participating in the work that God wants to do in the world? What are barriers to full participation?
· How do you want to influence for God’s sake in your particular context? What legacy do you want to leave behind?
· What steps can you take this day to lead and live more fully out of who God has called you to be?