Baptism Class - Winter

Sunday, April 7
9:15am, 10:45am, & 5:30pm 
April 7 - Morning Classes in Classroom A, Evening class in Classroom B 
Baptisms on Easter Sunday, April 21

The act of baptism is a powerful moment in our walk with the Lord. This step of proclaiming your faith and intention to follow Christ for life is a marker that will be of encouragement to you and to many others. If you haven't yet been baptized, it's never too late. Come to an upcoming class or contact Pastor Megan to talk about what this could mean for you. 

Can't make the class but still want to explore baptism? Contact Pastor Megan.

Discovering Your Calling

Mondays, April 8-29, 7-8:30pm, CLC Glacier (302), $10, Register
What is calling? How does God see it? How do we know what ours is? This four-week class will take a biblical look at calling and help discover ours in the midst of God's vision for all of creation. This class is designed to give a biblical overview of faith and work, with the hope that you grow in developing a clearer sense of God's calling for you. Over the course of these four weeks, we hope to demystify the idea of calling and deepen your understanding and experience of everyday work. For more information or to sign up, email Pastor Megan.

Myths of Vocation

March 31, 12:30-1:30pm, CLC Room 304
What should we expect out of our work? Whether you’re unhappy at your job or love it so much that your friends tease you about being a workaholic come discuss what role our vocation should have in our lives and whether yours is where you want it to be. No sign-up required; just show up. Questions? Contact Pastor Megan.

Alpha Course

Tuesdays beginning February 12-April 2, 7-9pm, Northwest Peaks Brewery Ballard, Register
Wednesdays beginning May 1, 6:30-8:30pm, Classroom A, Registration coming soon

Alpha Course walks you through the fundamentals of the Christian faith with video teaching and a discussion that allows space to ask questions, disagree, and explore with others what it's all about. It’s a low-key place to share a meal with and meet others at Bethany who are asking some of the same questions.

Questions? Contact Us

Membership Class and Membership

Spring Class on March 17, 12:30-2pm, Classroom A, Register
Spring Applications due March 31 
Fall Class on September 15, 12:30-2pm, Classroom A 
Fall Application s due September 29

Membership at Bethany is a way to say that out of your growing relationship with Jesus Christ, this church is where you’re choosing to invest your time, gifts, and finances. Membership is a mutual relationship between you, Bethany leadership, and other members that brings with it the commitment to be in community with this community, attend service regularly, serve, and give has God directs. Additionally, it means being open to support and investment from this community. If you’re in a place to take a step towards membership, join us for class to find out more information, get all your questions answered, and talk with a pastor. For more information, contact Pastor Megan.

White Awake Book Discussion Group

Sundays, February 3-April 7, 7:30-9pm, Classroom A, Register

In White Awake, pastor Daniel Hill humbly shares his own journey of growing to understand his white identity. White Awake thoughtfully guides you through seven stages to expect on your own path to cultural awakening, equipping and empowering you to be an agent of reconciliation. Contact Ken Kuhn for more information.

Financial Peace University

February 10-April 7, 4-6pm, Chapel Basement except on March 3 and April 7 when the class will be meeting in CLC Adams (Room 301), $100, Register
Financial stewardship and responsibility frees us up to focus on Christ and the things that matter most. FPU addresses ways to beat personal debt, set and commit to a budget, and maintain financial peace throughout your life.

Note: On March 3 and April 7, class will be taking place in CLC Adams (Room 301) instead of the Chapel Basement.


Meeting God in Scripture

This class is not currently being offered. Stay tuned for future dates.

Do you feel that the Bible doesn't deliver in your relationship with God? Are you confused about what you're supposed to be getting out of certain parts of the Bible? In this course we will learn some ways to approach the Bible that will help us truly meet God in scripture. Email Nate Collins to sign up or more details.

Scripture and Science: From Jesus to Adam

This class is not currently being offered. Stay tuned for future dates.

Every week will focus on a different text from the Bible that talks about how God is at work in the natural world, beginning with Jesus and working backward through the Bible to Adam. Ben McFarland will bring his perspective as a scientist to talk about some experiments that show detail about the world that God has created. Email Ben McFarland to sign up or for more details.

Spiritual Journey

Tuesdays, 7:00pm, August 27—December 10 - Stay tuned for Registration

If you want to change your life, consider the Spiritual Journey program to bring wholeness and emotional healing to your life. Spiritual Journey offers a way to grow beyond the harmful effects of a troubled home environment: neglect, divorce, abandonment, violence, abuse, suicide, over-controlling, religiosity, addictions, or death of a family member. The process of recovery is a journey that takes us from a life of confusion or grief to a place of peace and freedom—one day at a time. Payment for this class is accepted on the first day of class. Please bring your payment in the form of cash or check.

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

This class is not currently being offered. Stay tuned for future dates.

Join Bethany as we embark on a new journey toward emotional and spiritual health. The following is a quote from the founders of the class: 

"At EHS, we are dedicated to pointing people to an authentic, vibrant, and deeply transformational relationship with Jesus. We know that spiritual maturity and emotional health are inseparable and have developed a strategy for discipleship that integrates both of these key components with a slowed down lifestyle that puts being with Jesus before doing for Jesus."