As we approach Bethany’s 100-year anniversary, we continue to invest in the future as we start construction on the new Community Life Center. Hear about our community’s hopes and dreams for this new building and the ways we specifically feel God calling us to move forward with the project.

Together, we’re creating a safe, ADA-compliant space that allows us to work with organizations in our neighborhood to serve our community. The new building is inspirational, highly functional, and provides new and improved ways to step into the lives of those around us. As a community, we’re setting the stage for ministry for years to come.


Serving Our Community

Holle Tubbs, Director of Children's Ministries, Nick Steinloski, Pastor of Student Ministries, and Jillian Leavitt Vetter, Interim Director of Missions and Community Outreach, share about the ways they each see the new Community Life Center impacting our community and the people this building will serve.



Jill's Story

Jill Going, former Bethany Council Chair,  shares about the decision-making process in choosing to build the new Community Life Center. After weighing options to remodel the old CE Building against options to build something new, the Council was divided on how to proceed.

Building Plans

Download the PDF to Take a Closer Look at the Community Life Center

The new building will be ADA- and code-compliant, with an elevator and a new kitchen to provide community meals in a safe and effective way. This space will inspire and honor those in need in our community. It will be a dependable space for youth to play, grow, learn to lead, worship, build community, and participate in outreach to the community at large. There will be safe, accessible areas for children to grow in their faith. This is just the beginning. As we step out in faith to build this building, we do so in confidence that God will provide now and in the future.

The Backstory


The vision of Cascading has been to fund the 20•20 Vision of local, contextual ministry by launching new campuses, constructing a new building, and reducing our overall debt. Due to permitting delays and Seattle's construction climate, the Community Life Center costs have risen by $1.5 million since 2014. As one church, we’re committed to raise these additional funds without incurring additional debt, freeing up funds otherwise used for interest for ministry needs. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why did it take so long to get the permit? Could costs rise even higher before completion? Did we ever reach our original Cascading goal of $8 million? How does Building Faith fit into Cascading?

Read over the FAQs, and ask if you still have questions!

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