Bethany Community Church

Sunday services  @  9am  11am  5pm  7pm

206.524.9000  |   |   8023 Greenlake Dr. N, Seattle, WA 98103

Veritas Ministries

all Middle & high school students are invited 

8th to 12th Grade: Wednesdays,  6 - 8:30pm, Green Lake Campus 
6th and 7th Grade: Sundays, 5 - 7pm, Green Lake Campus  



Children's Ministry

imageHere's a place where you could inform your members and visitors about your children's ministry.

If you notice - you have a different design on the children's pages. We make it easy to do that so each area of ministry can be unique in its presentation.

Don't forget - you have total control over the design and 
content of your pages.