Our most popular design package, Interactive is a powerful and dynamic design package that creates a fully customized website design. Interactive will help you reach your target audience and look amazing while doing it.

    Interactive is the preferred design solution for larger churches and ministries ready to upgrade a current website, especially if they wish to benefit from a process of consultation, dialogue, and feedback.

    How Interactive works:
    This interactive partnership process is framed by a 6-step design process. Our design team will provide multiple review sessions to ensure that you get exactly what you want. With your team providing timely input along the way, a new design can be delivered in as little as 8 weeks.

    imageYour organization will be assigned a design specialist responsible for handling all communication. After we learn about you through an online discovery process, your design specialist will consult with you and create the first design screen shot of your new website. Then we'll invite your feedback, identify revisions, and create a second design screen shot. Then, once again, we'll ask you to pour over the design and offer more feedback.

    Once you are happy, we will turn the screen shot into a website design by coding it in HTML and integrating it into your new Amp Vibe website that you have been entering content into. Through the process, your custom design will be fine-tuned, tweaked, finessed, and polished. In the end, you will have a sparkling, unique, dynamic website that will Empower your ministry™ and Amplify your message™.