Daily Devotional


· When in your life have you felt like you had enough? When have you felt like you did not have enough?
· Pastor Moses suggested in his sermon that it is easier sometimes for us to decide when others have enough than for us to decide that we ourselves have enough. Why do you think that is?
· How often do you think of the temporary nature of what we own? When have you experienced the loss of something that reminded you of that which is temporary?
· Pastor Moses defined simplicity as an Inward experience of joy, unaffected by what we own, deeply connected to our relationship to. Christ.
· Read Matthew 6:25-34.
     1. What stirs you about this passage?
     2. What are the reasons that Jesus gives us for not worrying? Which reason is most difficult for you to believe?
     3. When you imagine seeking first the Kingdom of God, what thoughts come to mind?
     4. What is one specific way that seeking the Kingdom of God is reflected in your life, or can be reflective?
· What Kingdom values are reflected in your investment of your time, gifts, and treasures? What other values or fears do they reflect?
· Freedom begins with understanding that everything we have is a gift from God. How easy is it for you to embrace this truth? What do you want to believe you have earned?
· When have you been blown away by a gift and had a difficult time receiving it with “no strings attached?”
· How easy is it for you to receive everything and everyone in your life as a gift, rather than a reward?
· Why might it be easier to see the blessings in life as reward, rather than gift? How does that change your ownership or stewardship of those things?
· What is the purpose of the church? How do you see Bethany as a community practicing generosity in our greater community?
· How do you participate in the practice of generosity at Bethany?
· As Pastor Moses talked about generosity, he asked, “What are you going to be in your context?” rather than “What are you going to do?” How are these questions different? Which is easier for you to answer?
· How do you describe how you feel about giving to the church? Are there strings attached? Why or why not?
· What step can you take this week to move toward a sense that you have enough? What goal or desire do you need to give up so that you can be more present with your loved ones, and more generous with your time and resources?