Daily Devotional


John 19:38-42

Read John 19:38-42. This is the day of vigil. We know the end of the story, but imagine we didn’t. Imagine the emotions of those who came forward to take responsibility for Jesus’ body?

(Pause for 1 minute)

Read the passage again. What would be left in the grave that day for these who loved Jesus?

(Pause for 1 minute)

Read the passage a third time. Imagine walking to the tomb and sitting outside the closed entrance. What emotions do you have? What questions? Fears? Pray silently to God about where you are at in your attitude, thoughts, and behavior.

(Pause for 1 minute)

Read the passage a fourth time, and ponder, where do you need Jesus to restore you to life? Where are you as cold as the stone covering the entrance? Journal what you have heard and experience, and then a response to God’s word to you.