Daily Devotional


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· “...(we must honestly recognize) that there is an untamed darkness in our life that must be embraced- all of that is fundamental to the gift of new life.“ -Walter Bruggemann
How do you respond to this quote? What emotions do you experience?
· When have you experienced disorientation in your life? How did you navigate that time?
· When have you experienced joy in your life? When have you experienced pain? Where are you now?
· Where do you see tameable darkness in your life, places where your suffering is a result of your own actions or behavior?
· What do you find yourself focusing on? What do those things you focus on move you to? What are they moving you away from?
· What does it mean for you to wait on the Lord? What are you waiting for and as you are in this place, how easy is it to choose power over faith?
· How is the thing you are focusing on, and waiting for distracting you from following Christ wholeheartedly?
· How do you respond to fear? What do you fear? To what do you give reverence, besides Christ?
· What does it mean to you to be a good steward of your pain?
· How have you buried past pain or fear?
· Why is it easier to bury pain rather than expose it? How do we create space for others to unbury their pain?
· If you would like to open up, who can you talk to?
· What is the difference between following a map vs. following a guide? Which do you prefer?
· Who are the guides in your life? How easy is it to ask them for guidance?
· Bruggemann reminds us “that which cannot be resolved must, in time, be relinquished.”
In what area of your life would you like to move forward? What needs to be let go of before you can move forward?
· What does it mean for you to shed light in your context, helping people see that darkness and light are a part of a whole life?
· Where are you shining light into darkness? What would you like to say to those you know who are trapped in the darkness?