Daily Devotional


Download the Lent Devotional here!

· Read Ephesians 1.
· Can you think of a time when you have brought someone to a place that you remember to be very special and beautiful and it ends up being a very different experience because of different weather?
· What fogs your view of truth?
· How does your foggy view of reality influence your life, habits, activities, and/or attitudes?
· Read Ephesians 1:1-11. What words or phrases stick out to you as reminders of who we are in Christ? Of who we are to Christ?
· What images does the word chosen stir up for you? When have you felt chosen and for what were you chosen?
· With whom do you find the most belonging? How does your sense of belonging to God and God’s family shape you?
· How has your story of redemption changed who you are today and the trajectory your life is on?
· When have you experienced grace? How has grace shaped you? How has it influenced your relationship with others?
· What role does the Holy Spirit play in your life? When have you seen the Holy Spirit at work in and around you?
· How has the expectation of an inheritance in your family of origin shaped you? How does this shape your understanding of being an heir of God?
· How often do you imagine yourself as part of a bigger story? What experiences remind you of this?
· How do you respond to the reality that we are all a part of a bigger story, written across nations and generations and that it is all the story of God?
· What will a world complete in Christ look like to you? How do you live in hope for this world now?
· What do you see God at work already around you, in your context? How can you participate more fully in what God is doing? What must you do to see through the fog to the reality of Christ?
· How can you, with your smaller community, encourage one another to together participate in what God is already doing?