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Week of September 18–24.

Whether it’s the perfect sunset, a meteor shower, a glorious symphony, or a profound moment of worship during singing or teaching, the fact is that God’s glory breaks into our lives at times in powerful ways. We know in such moments that behind the veil of daily living, there’s something infinitely beautiful and life-giving. The Bible calls this “glory” and today we discover that God’s great plan includes far more than just glimpses of glory in a sunset. God’s desire is to fill us with glory!

Read: Psalm 19; 1 Sam 4:21



Personal Reflection

The glory of God is the essence of God in His truest form and character. God declares His glory in Creation, which includes you and me. Today, we take time to acknowledge the glory of God that is displayed to us each day.


Read: Psalm 19:1–4

  1. Where do you see God’s glory in Creation around you?
  2. Where do you see His glory in the people in your life?
  3. Where do you see the glory of God in yourself, as one made in the image of God?
  4. As God’s image-bearers, we carry the light of Christ with us. Jesus encourages us, His disciples, to shine His light boldly. Christ calls us
  5. to shine His light boldly, not for our benefit only, but also to call others to Christ.


Read: Matthew 5:14–16

  1. Are there areas of your life where you are aware of God’s work but hesitant to share it with others?
  2. What keeps you from shining the light of Christ to others?
  3. Who in your life needs to experience the glory of God in their own life? Take a moment and pray for them. Pray for an opportunity to
  4. share your story with them.


Reflections for Families

And Groups of all Ages!


This fall, we’re going to learn so many things about God. We’ll learn about God’s relationship with us, and our relationship with the rest of the world—including our family, the earth, our neighborhoods, and our jobs or schools. But, before we dive into that—there’s one big question: What do I believe about who God is, and who God says I am? The way we each answer this question shapes the way we’ll continue to learn about our faith and our relationship with God. This week, as you ask that question, remember Psalm 136:1 “Give thanks to God. He is good, and his loving-kindness never quits.” We serve a good God, who never stops loving us, and who delights in us—that is pretty amazing.


Together, talk about these questions:

  1.  Who do I believe God is?
  2.  Who does God say I am?
  3.  Read Psalm 136 and then take time to talk about when you have experienced God’s loving-kindness that never quits.
  4.  As you finish your time together, read James 1:17. It tells us that every good thing comes from God. This means every good thing in our lives—from the incredibly small to the incredibly big, are gifts to us from God.



Using a piece of paper or a journal, have each person create a gratitude journal to use throughout the week. Each day, write down two or three things you are thankful for each day. Share these things with each other every night. As you see the many things in your life to be thankful for, remember the question for the week: What do these things say about God? What do these things say about how God sees me?

Let us know what you think about these daily devotions.

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