Leadership Development at Bethany: 

Lay Pastor Licensing

Lay Leaders

Bethany’s Lay Pastor licensing process exists to provide members of Bethany Community Church, who have experienced a call to ministry, the opportunity to serve in an official ministry capacity either at BCC or in another ministry context that requires licensure or ordination. Through this process the leadership of BCC will examine both an individual’s core competencies for ministry as well as their sense of call. This is not intended to be seen as the “highest” form of volunteer leadership, but rather the position of Lay Pastor exists to allow people to live into a call that God has placed on their lives while not, necessarily, being able to pursue vocational ministry at BCC because of their situation or circumstances. In each case BCC will work with applicants to help discern their call and consider possible ministry contexts. Lay Pastors will be provided opportunities to serve in various volunteer capacities within BCC, while others might simply require licensure for their vocation in another setting. The process is intended to be rigorous and is not for everyone. Below is a more detailed description of the various steps, but each applicant should schedule an appointment with the Senior Associate Pastor to further discuss the process in greater detail.


Lay Pastor Licensing Process

  1. Acquire application.
  2. Schedule an appointment with the Senior Associate Pastor to discuss intent and process of Lay Pastor licensing.
  3. Fill out application electronically and return it to the Senior Associate Pastor.
  4. Application will be considered by the Licensing Committee. Approved applicants will be assigned a Committee Liaison with whom they’ll meet throughout the process.
  5. Core Competency Examinations. 
    • Theological Competence Exam (written/take home). One week to complete and return to Senior Associate Pastor. Can be acquired by approved applicants at any point subsequent to receiving Liaison.
    • Final Examination Weekend (offered twice yearly—August and February)
      • Saturday Examinations:
        • Theological Competence (written) to be completed in 2 hours
        • Biblical Knowledge Exam (written) to be completed in 2 hours
      • Sunday Examination:
        • Theological Competence (oral)

Applicants who pass all exams will be recommended to the Church Council by the Licensing Committee to be approved as Lay Pastors, and will be commissioned at Bethany Community Church.

Lay Pastor Application 

Download the PDF Lay Pastor Ordination Application. Return the completed PDF form via email to Joe Springer.

Questions? Contact Senior Associate Pastor Joe Springer