Sermon Reflection Questions

Death, Toil, and the Path to Joy

November 8, 2015

Ecclesiastes 9:1–10


1. What is painful in your life right now? How are you holding joy and pain in tension?
2. How has death shaped your experience and sense of priorities?
3. When have you felt like life was just hard work, without much reward? What gives you joy in these times?
4. When you think of gifts from God, what comes to mind?
5. Where do you see the abundance and blessing of God in your life? How easy is it to express gratefulness? What makes it difficult to be grateful?
6. When have you been acutely aware of your need to be clothed in the righteousness of Christ?
7. How high a value is the righteousness of Christ in your life? How is this expressed?
8. How would you see your friends and family differently if you saw them as clothed in the righteousness of Christ?
9. What would you say is the universal calling of all Christ-followers? How are we as a church living this out?
10. What are specific elements of your sense of calling? What would you say are barriers as well as enabling contexts for you as you live in to this calling?
11. Who has God given you to love? How are you loving them well? What steps can you take to love them better?
12. What makes is difficult for you to see abundance, righteousness, calling and love as good gifts from God?
13. How have you seen the fleeting nature of some gifts drive you to the eternal gift of your relationship with Christ? How has he filled up those gaps when a “gift” disappears?
14. What do you long to be made complete? What are you longing for?
15. What would Christ say to speak into your longing?