FAQs about Bethany’s new sermon platform:

Why can’t I view the sermon video on my smart phone/tablet?
Many smart phone and tablet devices, including iPhones and Kindles, don’t have the ability to display Flash videos, which means the in-screen sermon player won’t function properly on these devices. To work around this issue, we recommend either downloading the actual video or audio file you are interested in viewing by clicking their respective download arrow in the files tab, or check out the Bethany App, available for either Apple or Android devices.

What happened to the sermon discussion questions?
There still here, they've just moved to a new location! If you look in below the in-screen video player, you’ll see several tabs describing the selected sermon. Click the Description tab to view the corresponding discussion questions.

I used to be able to download sermons as podcasts from the iTunes store, but the new sermons aren't listed. What’s up?
Now, instead of going through the iTunes store, you can download the sermon audio files straight from our website. Below the in-screen video player, you’ll see a video file and an audio file listed in the Files tab. Click theDownload arrow to the right of either the video or the audio only file to download it to your computer. You can then watch or listen to the sermon any time from your computer, or put it on your mobile device to enjoy at a later time.
Also, if you'd like to subscribe to the recent sermon audio podcasts, click the podcast icon in the upper right corner of the "Recently Added" menu.

Still have questions? Let us know how we can help!