Giving at Bethany

The Why of Serving and Giving

Our commitment as a church isn't to growing; it’s to being healthy. This means that we’re calling one another to enjoy intimacy with Christ, fully receiving all that He is and allowing Him to transform us into all we’re meant to be. An integral part of that transformation process, for each of us, includes allowing God to reach into our pocket books to transform our financial priorities, and to reach into our calendars to restructure the way we spend our time. We are called to give joyfully and generously: both financial and with our gifts, talents, time, or resources. 

Online Giving

We are excited to bring you online giving through myBethany! This will allow you to view and manage your online giving, event registrations, and more through your myBethany account.  
You may also use online giving for Cascading Contributions, so please make sure to designate all gifts. 


Give via myBethany: 

For questions about myBethany, please contact the Finance Manager, Heather Mustonen

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