Who we are?

We are teachers and students, leaders and learners, artists and musicians. We are a diverse group of individuals and families called together to worship and fellowship in community, whose primary aim is to give expression to the hope found in Christ and to share that hope with the world.

Church Council

As a remote campus of Bethany Community Church at Green Lake, Bethany North falls under the leadership of the Governing Council. The Council is made up of 8-11 members, both men and women, who worship at the various campuses but are united in their direction of Bethany Community Church as a whole, rather than representing their own campuses. This council supervises the Senior Pastor and oversees the spiritual, physical, financial, and strategic well-being of the church. The implementation of these areas is performed by pastors and staff, at the delegation of the council.

Lay Leadership Team

At Bethany North, we have a team of lay leaders who meet monthly with Pastor Scott as advisers in strategic planning and church health. They are members of Bethany Community Church who have worshiped at the north campus for at least one year and, as a group, represent the demographic of the congregation.



Working behind the scenes at Bethany are hundreds upon hundreds of invaluable volunteers. We could not function as a church body without them. Find out more about serving at Bethany.


Bethany Community Church is supported by hundreds of members, individuals who have attended Bethany for a while, who call Bethany their home Church, and who have committed publicly to the Bethany Membership Covenant. They support the church body in countless ways through service, leadership, and prayer. We emphasize membership because real community is the fruit of commitment, service, and accountability. Find out more about becoming a member.


Bethany North Staff

Scott Sund, Campus Pastor

Mary Maulding, Pastoral Administrative Assistant

Ken Kuhn, Associate Director of Children's Ministries

Anna Guerrero, Children's Ministry Director