Who We Are


We are teachers and students, leaders and learners, artists and musicians, mountain climbers and trailblazers, prayer warriors and shuttle drivers. We are a diverse group of individuals and families called together to worship and fellowship in community, whose primary aims are to give expression to the hope found in Christ and to share that hope with the world.


Bethany Community Church is supported by hundreds of members—individuals who have attended Bethany for a while, who call Bethany their home church, and who have committed publicly to Bethany's Membership Covenant. They support the church body in countless ways through service, leadership, and prayer. We emphasize membership because real community is the fruit of commitment, service, and accountability.

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Hundreds upon hundreds of invaluable volunteers work behind-the-scenes at each Bethany location. We could not function as a church body without them.

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Governing Council

At the helm of Bethany Community Church is an 8- to 11-member Governing Council who are nominated and elected each year by the church's members. These dedicated, experienced leaders direct the mission of Bethany and seek to discern God’s vision for our community.

Governing Council Members


The Church Council shall be responsible for the overall administration and management of the church, and shall provide for the spiritual guidance, instruction, and protection of the congregation. (Bethany Community Church By-Laws, ArticleIV, Section 8.d)

  • Chair: Adam Runions
  • Vice-Chair: Melanie Henninger
  • Secretary: Shelby Lanting
  • Treasurer: Leslie Sesser
  • John Benny
  • Darby Carlisle
  • Matt Fiedler
  • Don Gregory
  • Melanie Henninger
  • Jonelle Hepworth
  • Glenn Knight
  • Adam Runions
  • Eric Tuininga
  • Peter Wong


Bethany Green Lake and Central Services Staff

Looking for someone else? Find contact information for staff at other Bethany locations using the menu at the top of this page, or email us.

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