2020 Vision:

Rooted in Health - Moving in Faith

God is writing a story at Bethany. Last year we focused on developing four Roots of Health: FormationLeadershipMission, and Care. As we turned our focus toward spiritual health, we began to see not only areas of fruit, but also areas where our community could become healthier. A healthy body, for example, is not overly dependent on a single messenger. Instead, it is committed to the message and mission of Christ which is always bigger than any one person. We're also discovering that churches will be healthiest as they localize, worshipping with people in their own part of the city and joining together on a common mission to bless their unique localities.

Suddenly, our next step as a church came into focus and 20·20 Vision was born.

When it comes to developing a community rooted in Christ, local, contextual, relational ministry beats regional, general, programmatic ministry every time. Over the next seven to ten years, Pastor Richard’s role will include working with a new generation of teaching pastors who will move out into our neighborhoods to create new congregations. This will enable us to worship and serve closer to where we live. He will continue to teach as much as he does presently, but as we add locations and he shares his time among the various congregations, he'll become less visible in any single location. 20·20 Vision is a bold vision–one that requires us to get up and move in faith. That movement will look different for each of us as we turn our focus toward the message and mission of Christ in our own communities.  By reaching out to those around us we'll begin developing relationships and connections where we may have had none. For some of us, moving could be changing where or when we worship; for others it could be making time in busy schedules to serve and build relationships. For all of us it means discerning the next step Christ is calling us to take—making the invisible God visible and working together to continually live as the presence of Christ in our city. God is writing a story–how will He use you this year?

Questions?  Please let us know.

How has 20·20 Vision impacted you?

"When I moved to a West Seattle apartment in August, the 20·20 vision was just unfolding. Coincidence? I think not. I went the Sunday after the video was shown and have been going ever since. Bethany West Seattle is a small, tight-knit community of people who care for each other and the larger community. In my third week attending, one family said, "Brunch, you're in!" I can't hide in the West Seattle campus, which means that the experience is transformative, not transactional." - Kristen Eddings, Bethany West Seattle